How to Convert your Wix Site into Mobile Apps (Wix App Builder)

There is no official Wix app builder right now, but there’s still a great way to build mobile apps with Wix. In this short guide, we’re going to show you how. 

Wix has long been a solid choice for building simple websites for small businesses. Over the years they have expanded the feature set, added hundreds of free templates, and put out impressive marketing campaigns featuring A-listers like Jason Statham and Heidi Klum!

Although traditionally seen as a very “bare bones” platform, the Wix App Market has expanded the possibilities of the platform significantly – allowing users to make more impressive sites like eCommerce stores!

The drag-and-drop editor is great for non-developers to quickly build sites visually. It is limited though still. The templates are somewhat restrictive, and you’re limited to pre-build modules. 

Wix is also a platform solely for the web. If you want to build mobile apps with Wix, there is no native Wix mobile app creator. 

This is a shame, as apps can provide important benefits for online brands – like a better mobile UX, higher engagement levels, and the ability to effectively communicate with your fans and customers through push notifications!

Don’t worry though, there’s an effective way to build mobile apps with Wix – but you need outside help. MobiLoud Canvas turns any Wix site into a full-featured mobile app for iOS and Android – in just a matter of days. More on that later though.

Why isn’t there an official Wix app builder? 

The technology that powers websites and browsers is very different from the native operating systems of iOS and Android. 

There is no cross-compatibility between the two. Traditionally, you’d need to build separate apps for iOS and Android – costing $50,000 minimum – and then find a way to make them communicate with your existing site’s backend. 

This is infeasible – especially for a small business. 

There’s a simpler way to do it. A way you can directly convert your Wix site into mobile apps in just days – retaining all your existing functionality and features from the web.

It’s called MobiLoud Canvas. Let’s take a look at how Canvas works as a Wix app builder

MobiLoud Canvas Wix App Builder

MobiLoud Canvas is our platform that converts any website or web app into mobile apps. For Wix users – it functions perfectly as a Wix app builder!

Canvas lets you build, test and launch apps to Google Play and the App Store in just weeks, for a small business friendly price tag.

We take care of all the tricky parts when it comes to app development, submitting apps to the stores for you and handling all ongoing updates and maintenance for the lifetime of the app. There’s no need for you to worry about anything technical – it’s just as easy to use as Wix itself!

Why Canvas is the best Wix App Builder

Canvas let’s you take all the good parts of Wix – the simplicity, the nice designs, the ease of use – and combine it with the best of native mobile app UX. 

The Wix mobile apps you build with Canvas won’t just be carbon copies of your mobile site, they will have all the features added to create a great mobile experience like:

  • Native tab menu and navigation
  • Native splash screens and loading indicators
  • Unlimited push notifications on iOS and Android
  • Ratings reminders, in-app message center and push preferences 

This is just a small sample of Canvas features! Check out Canvas in more detail here.

A team of experts by your side

When you build a Wix mobile app with Canvas – the process couldn’t be easier. We kick everything off with an app consultation, where you’ll chat with one of our experts about your requirements for the app and come up with a roadmap. 

Then we work with you, supporting you every step of the way, as you configure the apps on our platform. 

In just days, your Wix apps will be ready to publish. We’ll test them thoroughly, then prepare all the necessary files for submitting them to the Apple App Store and Google Play. Most app platforms leave you to navigate this tricky process yourself, but we handle it 100% and guarantee a successful launch. 

Easy management, 100% synced with your site

Once the apps are launched, they are simple to manage. 

For a start, the apps will sync 100% with your Wix site. All existing content will be automatically pushed to the apps, and all your site’s features and functionality will work right out of the box. The apps will mirror your existing site – but upgraded with all the most important native features to ensure an ideal native UX. 

It’s the same going forward. Anything new content you add to your Wix site, or any changes you make to it in general, will automatically reflect in the apps too. 

This is also the case if you have a Wix eCommerce site. Your existing product catalogue, payment gateway, cart, and all other features will work just the same as in the apps!

For sending push notifications, and making managing the apps specifically – you can use our simple, no-code dashboard. It’s even easier to use than Wix itself!

Full lifetime support

We don’t just sell you Wix app builder software. We partner with your business to increase your odds of success as much as possible. 

Not only do we manage the app development process, advise you on marketing and promotion, and work with the App Stores to ensure a smooth launch – but we keep supporting you for the lifetime of the apps. 

This is a hands on process. Most companies pay hundreds or (usually) thousands of dollars to maintain and update their apps every month. With Canvas though, this is all covered by your license fee. Any issues that come up will be quickly handled by our team through our personal, dedicated support. 

Convert your Wix site into mobile apps with Canvas today

We’ve covered a few of the reasons why you should use Canvas as your Wix mobile app builder. Still have questions? We’re happy to go through everything in depth with you. 

Start building Wix apps today – and launch on the App Stores in 2 weeks.

Book a demo call with one of our app pros today.