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July 5, 2024

Super Progressive Web Apps (superpwa) Plugin: 2024 Review

Key takeaways:

In this plugin review, we're going to be looking at the popular Super Progressive Web Apps plugin for WordPress. We'll cover everything you need to know before installing it, including pros and cons, pricing, user reviews, and alternatives.

  1. What is Super Progressive Web Apps?
  2. Pros and Cons of SuperPWA
  3. User Reviews
  4. Pricing
  5. Alternatives to SuperPWA
  6. Compatible with MobiLoud?

Let's jump into the review!

What is Super Progressive Web Apps?

SuperPWA review

Super Progressive Web Apps is a WordPress plugin that allows website owners to convert their WordPress site into a progressive web app (PWA), using the website they have already made. If you need to learn more about what exactly a progressive web app is, check out this guide we put together with 50 progressive web app examples. SuperPWA is a simple, straightforward solution for any website owner who wants to enhance their users’ mobile experience; it is possible to convert your WordPress website into a Progressive Web App instantly.

Super Progressive Web Apps review

After SuperPWA is installed and configured in WordPress using the SuperPWA plugin. Anyone browsing the site on a supported mobile device will see the ‘Add To Home Screen’ notice and will be able to add the website brand icon on their home screen, just like a real mobile app. Every time a page is visited it is cached locally on their device, and it will still be accessible offline. Another cool feature of Super Progressive Web Apps is that Android users can receive push notifications, giving the experience of a native app. Unfortunately, this isn't possible on iOS. Where SuperPWA is not so effective is that it doesn’t adapt the look and feel of your website to your device, unlike native mobile apps. Also, with a PWA you still won't have a presence in the app stores. Finally, if you use SuperPWA to convert your website into a progressive web app, it will still be visible in the search engines, like your website. This is a benefit of PWAs, as regular mobile apps won't show up in Google, but will show up in the App Stores.

Pros and Cons of SuperPWA

Pros of SuperPWA:

  • Add your app (website) to your users home screen
  • Send Push Notifications to Android users
  • Simple installation and setup, you can configure it in WordPress in minutes
  • Settings page is clear and easy to understand
  • Free UTM tracking add-on, allows site owners to track how many visitors are using your PWA
  • Does a clean uninstall, by removing every database entry and file that it creates
  • PWAs can be accessed via regular search engines

Cons of SuperPWA:

  • Push notifications don’t work on iOS
  • Support for PWA is more limited in iOS in general compared to Android
  • No Google Analytics settings
  • No page load progress bar on top or bottom of page like in a browser
  • No theming GUI (skin) options to make the PWA look more like a native app

SuperPWA User Reviews:

WordPress Directory Rating: 5/5

What Users Say:

Users of SuperPWA are very happy with the plugin and give it very good reviews. It has 5 out of 5 stars from 105 reviews on the WordPress plugin reviews page - an impressive statistic! Candg333 - Fantastic, 5*/5: "Have to admit I don’t know anything about progressive web apps other than the fact that I need one…..this did the job so even I could do it.” Bjarne - Dead easy and sold PWA support, 5/5: “I’m very happy I found the Super Progressive Web Apps which in reality satisfies my clients need for ‘an app’ with a 5 minute configuration of a plugin. The free UTM tracking add-on, allows me to track how many visitors are using my web app.” Diegocanal - Fast and easy set-up plus 100% functional, 5/5: “Configuring the plugin took me 3 minutes, easy and fast. It does what it promises, 100%. I had a minor issue and the support was awesome, very kind, attentive and effective.” Finding a negative review about SuperPWA is difficult - hence why the plugin has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Even when someone has a small problem with the plugin, they still give it a 5 out of 5. Sallyndra - Great plugin! 5/5: “I wanted to test PWA and it was the right idea to use Super PWA. Quick, easy to install and all;)I just needed to use version 1.9, as v2 has some problem with the service worker.”

SuperPWA Pricing:

Super Progressive Web Apps is completely free.Of course, you can always donate to the developers, as many happy users have.

SuperPWA add ons

A selection of Add-Ons for SuperPWA

Alternatives to SuperPWA:

Is SuperPWA compatible with MobiLoud?

Super Progressive Web Apps is an excellent plugin if you’re looking to give your website users an improved mobile experience by using your current WordPress site, however, it doesn’t create a real native mobile app.

If you want to provide a mobile app for your users, then you should consider using MobiLoud’s WordPress to mobile app building service. This means you get a mobile app including push notifications, a native tab menu, and App Store and Google Play presence. As part of the MobiLoud service we build, test, publish and maintain your mobile app, and you won't ever need to write a line of code. SuperPWA is compatible with MobiLoud, and you can provide both a Progressive Web App and a mobile app to your users.

To learn more, you can get started with a free preview of your app, or schedule a free, personalized demo and get a first-hand look at the platform's possibilities with one of our app experts.

Wrapping Up

Our review of SuperPWA showed that this is a highly recommended plugin by all who use it to turn their WordPress site into a PWA. If you're looking to optimize your mobile site with a PWA, then you can't go wrong with Super Progressive Web Apps.

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