Promote your app to your site visitors

In the weeks leading up to the launch, we recommend the following steps to build buzz and anticipation with your fans. 

Blog Posts 

Write up a great blog post announcing your app to fans, describing why you decided to build it, and what they’ll get out of it. Including screenshots and visuals here is a great idea. Some great examples to check out are these from Microsoft, Vanity Fair and Simple Flying.

Social Posts

Schedule 5-10 posts on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram previewing the apps to build up anticipation. Dedicate 2-3 posts announcing the launch and linking to the download page.


Your email list is the perfect place to send out an announcement too. You can also consider adding app download buttons to the footer of every email message.

Smart App Banners

One of the most powerful (and easiest) ways to promote the apps on your site! Smart app banners detect whether mobile users have the app installed – and if they don’t the banner encourages them to download them. If the user does have the app installed, the banner will push them to open it. We can easily set this all up for you (we built a free plugin for it), just send us an email and we’ll get it done right away!

Dedicated Landing Page

Creating a dedicated landing page for your apps is a good idea too, making it easy to link to a single URL from anywhere in your content, emails, etc. You can include key benefits, features, visual examples, user reviews/testimonials and download links. Check out some examples of app landing pages from our customers here and here!

Badges and Buttons

App badges and buttons are great for enticing site visitors to click and download. You can use them across your site in the footer, sidebar, header even! We can help you with all the necessary images and development for these!

App Store Optimization

Just like Google on the web, the app stores rank different apps for search terms. They do this with a variety of ranking factors. Check out our guide here, and get in touch if you have any questions. 

This covers most of the important quick wins for app marketing and promotion. If you want to review the key points in more depth – let us know and we will send you a presentation on the topic, or happy to jump on a call to discuss it further with you or your team.