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The 8 Best Product Roadmap Tools in 2023

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Key takeaways:

If you’re looking for a product roadmap tool to share your direction with customers and stakeholders, there’s no shortage of options for you on the market.

While there are lots of options, no two are entirely alike. They differ widely in terms of pricing, target user, functionality, and use case. 

Some solutions such as Uservoice and Productboard target enterprise customers and come with a feature set, complexity and price tag which might be excessive for your needs. 

Some, like Trello, might allow you to get a basic roadmap shared with users and customers, but lack even the most basic features to get valuable user input and make it a two-way conversation. 

Others, like FeedBear, are optimized for simplicity, giving you exactly what you need for effective roadmapping without any overcomplication.

It’s important to choose the product roadmap tool that works best for you - since it’s going to (hopefully) become a key part of your workflow. 

Consider this article your guide. We’re going to look at all the most viable product roadmap tools, and help you to decide which is best for your business. 

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1. FeedBear

FeedBear allows you to share a public or private roadmap with customers and keep internal or external stakeholders in the loop. 

Their simple tool allows you to keep customers involved with your product’s development by sharing what your product team is working on and what new features have been recently released. 

By creating a space to collect their ideas and requests, you open up a channel that makes users and customers feel listened to. 

It’s a simple and effective solution to drive user engagement and position your brand as a company that listens to customers, commits to innovation and actively improves products. 

Most competitors charge per user or per team member, FeedBear instead offers flat pricing with unlimited team members and users at just $29/month!

Roadmaps are also only one of FeedBear’s main 3 features. 

Verdict: FeedBear is our #1 choice, giving a great balance of powerful features at an appealing price tag. We know the tool well, as part of our team is working on developing the tool.

2. Trello

Lots of companies use Trello to create a roadmap. There are pros and cons. 

The pros are that it's cheap and simple to use. It works well for internal, private roadmaps that are only actively used by internal stakeholders and team members, and for 

The problem with Trello comes when you want a roadmap that your users can interact with. You can’t really make your Trello board completely open. Users would start making all kinds of cards and it would turn into chaos. 

The most you can do is open up the comments on existing cards. In this case though you miss out on users submitting their own ideas - which is a real shame. It’s not truly listening to them and not as transparent. 

That said, Trello is great for private or one-way roadmaps. 

Pricing: Free, or you might want enhanced control and support for $17.50/m

Verdict: good option if you want a private roadmap, or you don’t want much user input 

3. Clickup

Clickup is an all purpose product management platform that lets you create everything from docs and contracts to databases and mindmaps. Clickup has a huge range of features at a reasonable price, including a great roadmapping tool. 

The issue is that it doesn’t really fit into your existing workflow, rather, it replaces your existing workflow. If you’re looking for one tool, to cover all the product management process then Clickup might be for you. If you want a simple product roadmap tool, it could be overkill. 

The other downside is that there is no way to incorporate user feedback directly into the roadmap. You can make the roadmap public for users to see, but they can’t comment, vote or interact with it much. 

Again, it depends on your priorities. 

Pricing: there are free plans, but to make use of all features Business is $9/m per member

Verdict: if you want a general purpose product management tool that covers a lot of different angles, and don’t want a roadmap that users can interact with - then Clickup is a solid product. 

4. Roadmunk

Unlike Clickup, Roadmunk is specifically a product roadmap tool. Roadmunk claims that their tool creates a “Boardroom-ready roadmap”, allowing users to build a variety of roadmaps like Swimlane and Timeline. 

There’s also a Chrome extension that lets sales and customer support forward user feedback into Roadmunk’s inbox - so that it can be considered for the roadmap itself. 

Roadmunk also offers prioritization tools based on frameworks like Value vs Effort and RICE. Overall it’s a very good tool, but the philosophy and feature set feels somewhat corporate and a little complex. 

It’s not as user-centric as some of the previous product roadmap tools like FeedBear, as there is no way for users to comment on the roadmap itself or vote on different items. 

Pricing: the Starter plan is $19/m, for just a single user. To collaborate as a team on the tool, and make use of all features, will cost $49/m on Business, or $99/m on Professional per user

Verdict: great if you are looking for an internal tool to create more complex roadmaps. If you want a public roadmap that users can interact with, go with something else

5. ProductPlan

Product Plan is a product roadmap tool that strikes a nice balance between ease of use and features. It allows you to create several kinds of product roadmaps, and keep everything well organized with color coding and different templates.

Product Plan also has robust features for rallying stakeholders around the roadmap with unlimited viewers, private links, and custom views. 

The pricing is reasonable, but they change per editor. If you want a lot of people to collaborate on the roadmap the price could rise fast. 

Pricing: $39/m per user

Verdict: great tool for internal use and building private roadmaps, not for public roadmaps or a two-way conversation with users

6. Aha!

Aha is a powerful tool, with a core focus on roadmapping. It has a ton of features, but can be confusing and overkill for a lot of use cases. 

If you’re looking to invest purely in a powerful roadmapping tool, and don’t mind something of a learning curve, Aha might be a good choice for you. 

Their feedback tools are OK, but this is really a roadmapping tool. A downside is that Aha charges per seat, so it can get expensive fast if you want a whole team on it. 

Pricing: $59/m per seat

Verdict: can be a good roadmapping tool for enterprise, but not the most efficient or affordable

7. AirFocus

AirFocus is a product roadmap tool with a heavy focus on prioritization features. It has a variety of templates and integrations, and comes with handy frameworks for prioritizing and managing projects. 

You can centralize feedback from email, chat, support and other channels into one inbox, then link it to the roadmap too. 

AirFocus pricing starts from $15 per month for the essential plan, but to make use of all the features you’ll need the pro plan at $89/m. Pricing is per editor so if you want a lot of people collaborating on it things could get a little expensive.

Pricing: from $15/m to $89/m for advanced features, per editor

Verdict: a solid tool if you want to make use of common prioritization frameworks like RICE

8. Productboard

Productboard is a solid product roadmap tool with a good set of features. You can collect ideas and requests on the Insights Board, pulling from different sources like email, and Slack. 

You can then add them to your team inbox and link them to potential features. You have a features board that you’ll use to create a product hierarchy, based on feedback from the insights board. 

The end result of this is a roadmap, and productboard let’s you create them with multiple views and share across the organization. The roadmap itself lets you sort by objective or hierarchy through multiple swimlanes, and display additional values on cards like effort, owner & priority. 

Finally, you can share your roadmap with stakeholders and users. You can customize who has access to different views of the roadmap, and share individually or by role. You can also share the roadmap with users through a portal, collecting upvotes and comments. 

Pricing: from $20/m per user on the essentials plan, rising to $50/m on Pro and $100/m for Scale. To really make use of the best features, you’ll need to be on the Pro plan, which could get expensive with multiple collaborators

Verdict: Productboard is a very good roadmap tool with a lot of features, but might be overkill depending on your needs

Conclusion - what’s the best product roadmap tool in 2023?

So there you go, the 8 best product roadmap tools in 2023. Which is best? Well it depends on exactly what you need. Here are our suggestions:

FeedBear - the best product roadmap tool for startups and growing SAAS companies.

FeedBear gives you the exact features you need to gather feedback, display and prioritize a roadmap, and close the feedback loop with a changelog. The pricing is attractive, and it’s simple to set up and use. 

If you’re looking for a more complex, enterprise level tool that is specifically for roadmapping - consider productboard or Roadmunk. 

We hope that this article has given you a good jumping off point. Take a look at the tools mentioned, and take a long think about which is right for your business and your team. Want more tips and advice on tools, strategy and tactics? Take a browse of our blog!

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