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How to Create a Great Google Play Product Page

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Google Play is the largest mobile app store in the world, with more than 3 million apps available for Android users to download. 

Impressive, right? 

Standing out is important. You need a great product page to rank well for key search terms and to entice potential users to download your Android apps. 

When you build apps with MobiLoud, we support you heavily in this process, but it’s still important to understand what makes a great Google Play product page.

What is a Google Play Product Page?

Your product page is the key landing page for your app in the Play Store. It’s designed to show off the core functionality and value propositions of your app in a digestible and appealing way. 

Go and visit the Google Play store now if you have an Android device, and click through to any app that catches your eye. You'll be taken straight to the app's product page - which we're now going to break down into its essential parts.


The title of your app is all-important, the cornerstone of your brand in the search results, categories, the user’s home screen, and everywhere else. 

Google has a few specific requirements. Your title should:

  • Be unique, easy to spell and remember, catchy and brandable
  • Accurately communicate what your app is all about 
  • Be no more than 50 characters long 
  • Not include misspellings of popular terms or trademarked terms 
  • Localized into different languages if appropriate 

With MobiLoud apps, usually the name is straightforward. Because we convert your existing website or ecommerce store, generally you’ll just use your existing brand name. This generally makes the most sense - unless your app deviates in some major way from your web presence. 


The icon is the first thing people will see in the search results, top charts, and the product page.

It should be a high-fidelity, high quality image that follows Google Play's icon design specifications

More specifically, Google Play’s requirements are:

  • 32-bit PNG (with alpha)
  • Dimensions: 512px by 512px
  • Maximum file size: 1024KB

When you build apps with MobiLoud, our set up fee covers all this. We work with experienced designers to create the perfect app icon for you that perfectly fits both your brand and Google’s requirements. 

Short Description 

Writing a compelling short description for your Play Store listing is key for grabbing the attention of users and enticing them to download. 

It’s important to be concise. You’ve only got 80 characters to highlight the core value proposition of your app and tell users why they should install it on their device. Think of what sets your app apart, why should the user download it. 

Use your existing knowledge of your audience from the web to focus on your key messages and to speak directly to your target user. 

There are a few important best practices to follow too. Descriptions should avoid specific performance claims, CTAs, special characters and unusual punctuation. You should also localize the description for different languages where appropriate. 


Users can expand the short, 80 character description into the full description - up to 4000 characters. This is where you can go more into depth, and really give a comprehensive overview of your app’s features and functionality. 

It’s important to really focus on what sets your app apart and why they should install it. You can use bullet points to summarize key features and social proof to win the user’s trust. 

Of course, it is as important as ever to adhere to Google’s content guidelines and metadata policy. 


It’s recommended to have at least four high quality screenshots from your app on the product page. 

These demo the core features of your app in a visual manner - making it easy for potential users to understand what your app is all about. 

It’s important to create high quality and informative images that comply with Google’s in-depth guidelines

When you build apps with MobiLoud, our designers and app experts handle all of this for you. 

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are a crucial piece of social proof for your Google Play product page. High ratings can really boost trust and downloads, offering page visitors valuable insights into your app’s features and UX. 

They’re prominent on your product page and one of the first things users see below the fold. At the top of the ratings and section you’ll see summary statistics like overall average rating, and below that the individual reviews (and your replies) for users to read. 

It’s really important to get as many reviews as possible, which helps you both to rank for your key search terms and to get more downloads. MobiLoud apps come with automatic ratings reminders, so you’ll maximize this on autopilot.

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