How to create screenshots for Apple App Store apps

Apple has very specific guidelines for screenshots, and they must be followed at risk, otherwise, your app or your app update is likely to get rejected by Apple

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating your screenshots:

  • You cannot use screenshots taken from your browser, even if you take them using a mobile device
  • Your screenshot must show your app’s content in use
  • If you use a device frame in the screenshot, you will need to make sure the frame matches the elements of a real device for the size you are uploading the screenshots for. As an example, if you are uploading 6.5′ screenshots, you will want to have a notch displayed in your device frame
  • Apple requires you to provide screenshots for 5.5′, 6.5′, 12.9′ devices
  • For 12.9′ devices, you are required to provide one set of screenshots for 2nd generation iPads and another set of screenshots for 3rd generation iPads
  • You must provide a minimum of 3 screenshots for each device size
  • Screenshots cannot have transparency

Below you can find the sizes that your screenshots must have for each device size:

Device sizeDevice modelScreenshot size
5.5′iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus2208 x 1242 pixels
6.5′iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iphone XS Max, iPhone XR2688 x 1242 pixels
12.9′3rd generation iPad Pro, 2nd generation iPad Pro2732 x 2048 pixels

There are several tools out there that will allow you to create screenshots with ease, here is a list with some of them:


You will also find examples on these websites that you can use as inspiration.