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July 9, 2024

Top 10 App Icon Generators Your Graphic Designer Will Have No Match For

Key takeaways:

You can have a fully functional app, but if it doesn’t look appealing, who’s going to want to see it?

We know it can be tough to come up with a great app icon that truly resonates with you and your app. It’s important to have one that speaks to your brand and is clear enough for your target audience to understand.

So, here’s a list of the top 10 App Icon Generators you need to check out. Some are perfect for design newbies, while others cater to the more advanced.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

1. App Icon Maker


Pricing: Free is a free cloud service that speeds up the process of optimizing your app icon, generating icons of all sizes for different app stores.

Easy to use, it lets you download zip files for platform icons either together or separately. No need to worry about browser compatibility—just keep your browser up to date. Upload jpg, png, bmp, or gif files, and get icons in various resolutions effortlessly!

2. AI App Icon Generator


Pricing:  You can purchase credits (1 credit = 3 AI App Icons) with one-time payments. There are three plans:

  • Basic Plan: $2.9 for 10 credits (30 unique app icons)
  • Starter Plan: $7.9 for 30 credits (90 unique app icons)
  • Premium Plan: $12.9 for 50 credits (150 unique app icons)

The AI App Icon Generator is a powerful tool that transforms your ideas into visually striking app icons.

Here’s how it works: You describe your desired app icon, compare the 3 of the icons it generates, and choose which one is best for you. If you’re not satisfied, use the redesign feature to create new versions until you find the perfect icon.

3. App Icon Generator by Atom Engine


Pricing:  Free

As expert iOS developers with years of experience, Atomengine understands the headache of app creation.

That's why they developed a free iOS app icon maker. Just create your icon in .png or .jpg format, upload it, click “generate app icons,” and you'll get a zip file with all the necessary variations. Add these icons to your app store submission, and you're good to go!

4. IconGen AI-Powered Icon Generator


Pricing: $5 per 40 icons, $10 per 100 icons, and $20 per 250 icons. Each of these packages offers unlimited downloads.

Voted DevHunt's #ToolofTheWeek, lets your creativity shine by creating beautiful icons for your business, presentations, and more in just seconds with its user-friendly interface.

Enjoy fast and efficient icon generation with no hidden fees. Worried about design options? IconGen offers 12 different styles based on engineered prompts to help you find your perfect aesthetic.

The best part? You get 5 free credits to start!

5. CandyIcons


Pricing: CandyIcon uses a pay-per-download system. You can buy credits amounting to $15 (15 credits), $25 (50 credits), and $45 (120 credits).

Just like its name, CandyIcons is a truly sweet tool!

With a 5-star rating from over 1.5k users, you can generate your app icons in just three easy steps: describe the icon, choose your colors, and select a style from over 15 options.

What makes CandyIcons stand out? It generates keywords about your product and uses AI to help you brainstorm ideas. Plus, if you’re not satisfied with your design, they'll manually review it for you.

6. HotPot App Store Icon Designs


Pricing: 1000 credits for $12, 2500 credits for $30, 5000 credits for $60, 10k credits for $120 and 20k credits for $240

HotPot can create anything from AI headshots and art logos to app icons with the HOTtest designs!

Perfect for the App Store or Google Play, HotPot lets you customize handcrafted templates or create fresh graphics from scratch.

Their intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to upload images, tweak styles, and resize icons for different platforms, allowing you to focus more on code and less on graphics.

7. IconifyAI


Pricing: Starts at $17 for 80 credits, with options for different credit bundles

Get your custom icon delivered in less than 60 seconds! Don’t believe us? Just ask the 1600+ customers who rated IconifyAI with 5 stars.

IconifyAI specializes in crafting unique app icons using artificial intelligence. Simply describe your desired icon, choose from 11 style options and colors, or even extract a color palette from your icon.

The result? 100% unique high-definition icons ready for commercial use in seconds! If you think of it, it starts at only 8 cents per icon!

8. IconGeneratorAI


Pricing: $5 for 50 credits, $9 for 100 credits and $20 for 250 credits

Join over 110,000 users who've already created more than 136,000 icons!

Save time and money with IconGeneratorAI’s easy icon generation—simply describe your icon with a custom prompt, fine-tune it until it's perfect, and let the cloud take care of storage. With diverse presets at your disposal, you'll have unique icons in no time!

9. IconsFlow


Pricing: Offers a free plan and paid plans starting at $4.99/month

Beautiful icons + easy to customise + high quality +different styles = spectacular icos sets. And that’s IconsFlow, according to Matt Williams!

IconsFlow is a free online icon maker that lets you generate stylish flat icons without any Photoshop or Illustrator skills.

Create icon sets, export them in multiple formats, upload your own icons, and edit them effortlessly! With new icon sets released weekly, IconsFlow keeps your designs fresh and exciting.

10. Pixelied Free Icon Maker Tool


Pricing: Offers a free plan and paid plans starting at $47/year

Pixelied may be free, but it’s a powerhouse for creating stunning icons.

Choose from thousands of premium icons, customize them for your app and projects, and export them in multiple high-res formats for both iOS and Android.

Best of all, these icons are yours to use for commercial and personal projects without any attribution needed.

Pixelied—it's like having a professional designer at your fingertips!

Wrapping Up

Hiring a graphic designer can be pricey, and even asking a friend for help might not yield the results you want. With these top 10 app icon generators, you can create standout icons that appeal to your target audience without breaking the bank.

"Why pay more when you can do it yourself?" These tools are designed to make your app shine, giving it the professional look it deserves. Whether you're a startup or an established business, a great app icon is your first chance to make a lasting impression.

Remember, it's not just about having a fantastic app or business – it's about effectively communicating its value to the world. With these app icon generators, you'll have no trouble making a strong visual statement.

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