5 WordPress Themes for Building Your App Landing Page

Building on from our guide to the seven elements of a great landing page, we thought we’d help you to build your own!

The easiest way to build a website is using WordPress; simply install a good theme, play around with the settings and you can have a professional looking app landing page set up in no time at all.

Having a WordPress theme built from scratch can be expensive; thankfully marketplaces like ThemeForest exist, allowing you to pick up themes relatively inexpensively — around $30 to $50 for a typical WordPress theme.

To help you out, I’ve picked out five of my personal favourite themes for building an app landing page.

1. AppDev


Without a doubt, AppDev is one of the best themes for creating an app landing page. Fully responsive, this is a beautifully simple one-page design.

With a wide range of colours and over 500 fonts, you’ve got enough customisation options to get the look and feel of your site just to your liking. You can also add multiple full-width sections, which are great for breaking up distinct sections — and with hundreds of retina icons, it’s easy to highlight specific features of your app. Throw in a well-designed smartphone slider, and you’ve got a fantastic mobile app landing page!

Even better, if you ever want to expand your page, you’re able to create professional looking multi-page sites, too.



2. Caelus


Caelus is definitely one of the more distinct landing page themes. Beyond this, it also doubles up as a theme for a “coming soon” page.

The rocket theme is playful, yet memorable, and for some apps this would be perfect. The theme is responsive, which you’d expect, and comes with two colour schemes. It has a beautiful smartphone slider, as well as a ticket stub countdown — both look fantastic.

If your app happens to incorporate cartoon rockets and space, Caelus is perfect. For anyone else, you’ll probably have to skip over this one, which is a shame!

3. Agile


You’ll struggle to find a better app landing theme than Agile. Clean, smart and professional, Agile is one of the more popular app landing themes on ThemeForest. It’s easy to see why.

Brought to you by the same developer as AppDev, customisation is key to the theme’s appeal. There are over 1,500 retina ready icons, meaning whatever your app does you’ll find something highly relevant. Customisation is a breeze, from colours to fonts and, of course, layout. This responsive theme allows you to create distinct sections to your page, making it perfect for breaking down the core benefits of downloading your app from a single page. And of course, there’s the gorgeous smartphone slider which is perfect for displaying screenshots of your app.

If you want to expand your site beyond the landing page, Agile lets you build a great looking multi-page site; the blog in particular looks fantastic. Long-term, this theme is a real winner.

4. App Mojo

App Mojo

Another clean, responsive app landing page theme, App Mojo is a very professional-looking option. With 20 skins to choose from, you’re given plenty of options for customisation.

This theme is missing the popular smartphone slider seen in many app landing themes, but still has plenty of options to keep you happy. There are hundreds of fonts, icon sets and a potentially unlimited set of layout possibilities. The theme’s main strength is its seamless integration with some of WordPress’s most important plugins, namely MailChimp and WooCommerce — if you plan on using these, this will make your life much easier. Definitely worth checking out.

5. Hype


Finally, we have Hype, a retina-ready, responsive WordPress theme for mobile app landing pages. For your homepage, you have three options to choose from: solid, image and video. The latter two options are self-explanatory, but the solid option gives you bold, coloured blocks for a more formal look.

Using the theme, your landing page is created by building up a number of segments, each tailored to your needs. You simply drag and drop each segment to set the order you want. This is great as it allows you to customise each segment for its particular purpose — and there are a good number of customisation options. You have 130 vector icons to choose from, as well as eight colour variants. This allows you to get the feel of your landing page just right.

With MailChimp also built into the theme, growing your subscriber list directly from your subscriber list is super-easy — an added bonus.

Wrapping Up

What are your thoughts on the themes we’ve mentioned today? Let us know in the comments section below — we’d also like to hear of any other themes built primarily for building app landing pages!

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