Convert a Laravel Web App to a Native Mobile App

Let’s take a look at the best ways to convert a Laravel web app to a native mobile app, and why you might want to do so.

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework for “web artisans”.

Laravel powers countless sites, web apps and enterprise systems across the internet, and is well known for being a logical and solid framework that lets you harness the entire power of PHP once you know what you’re doing.

You can make anything from small lightweight projects to huge complex systems using the framework.

Should you convert your Laravel Web App to a Native Mobile App?

Yes! If your web app works well and people enjoy using it, it’ll be even better as a native mobile app. 

Some of the benefits:

Reach users where they are

Potential users of your web app spend a ton of their internet time on their smartphones. By creating native apps for them to use you’re giving them access through the most convenient possible channel.

Push Notifications

With native apps you can send push notifications to users any time you like. This can really drive repeat usage and the time users spend in the app. 

Brand Building

Having a presence on the app stores, and an icon on your users’ home screen goes a long way toward building the image of a solid and credible brand. They are a mark of quality for a modern tech brand.

How can you convert your Laravel web app to a native mobile app?

Let’s say that you’ve built a cool web app using Laravel. It works great in browsers on desktop and mobile. 

You’re thinking about turning it into native mobile apps. How can you do it?

Traditionally this would be a pretty challenging process, requiring you to either have or to hire some real development skill.

You’d have to build separate apps for iOS and Android, a very challenging task in itself, then you’d need to create an API to manage the connection between your web app and the mobile apps. 

This is a pretty big task – and would likely set you back at least $50,000 in the best case scenario. It would also take many months and potentially drag out into a management headache while costs pile up. This could be an option though if you have a lot of time and money. 

There’s a better, smarter way though.  

MobiLoud Canvas

Canvas will give you all the same benefits you’d get from building your apps from scratch – with none of the drawbacks.

You’ll get a winning App Store presence that will boost your brand in the eyes of users, push notifications and 30 other growth features, and you’ll be ready to launch on iOS and Android in a matter of weeks at most.

How Does Canvas Work?

MobiLoud Canvas works with any website, web app or PWA, including those made with Laravel. If it runs well on mobile already it’s guaranteed to make great apps.

Our platform has been refined over several years and over 1000 users, and essentially works by creating a native view of your existing apps, which will work exactly the same as your existing web app.

Nothing needs to be rebuilt, it is a conversion process. You end up getting all the benefits of true native apps with none of the headache or expense usually involved.

Canvas saves you tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of development time while giving you an end result that is just as good!

You can get the app project ticked off fast and concentrate your energy and resources on growing the overall business. The concept has been proven with a multitude of customers in different industries with different tech stacks, including Laravel. Apps work – and Canvas is the fastest and most affordable way to develop them!

Canvas apps will also add very little to your existing workload going forwards. They update automatically to reflect any changes you make to your Laravel web app, and all functionalities and plugins that you use will work just the same inside the apps.

Our platform takes care of all the technical heavy lifting, you’ll configure elements of the design, navigation and features yourself. There’s no-code involved – you’ve already put the work in building everything on Laravel!

We then submit the apps for you to the Appstore and Google Play.

Get On The App Stores in Days

Before you know it you’ll be live and ready to get found by millions of potential users searching for your keywords or brand. You’ll also have powerful tools to grow your business like push notifications and app analytics. Check out all our features here.

Our team also stay by your side for good, we handle all maintenance, updates and tweaks for you in the future and make sure everything hums along smoothly.

Ready to take your Laravel web app up a level?

Let’s get these apps live – there’s no risk with our free trial. Get started today!



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