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How is MobiLoud Different?

There are quite a few different app builders out there that target small and medium sized businesses. Many of them can work well in some limited cases - but all come with serious drawbacks for serious businesses. 

How so?

In a nutshell - most app builders will restrict you with a cookie-cutter template that doesn’t let you create the apps you really want. They’ll leave you to figure it out on your own for the most part, and won’t be very proactive in helping you to build and maintain the apps in the future. 

MobiLoud is different to any other mobile app platform you have come across. How? 

We set out to combine the quality of native, custom development’s end result, with the speed and affordability of automated app builder platforms - combined with a premium service and tools that anyone can use without touching a single line of code. 

Foreign Policy could not have built their native apps with a DIY builder - but MobiLoud was ideal

We decided to give you all the benefits of native apps and a modern, high-end mobile UX - with none of the major downsides in terms of effort and investment. 

Did we achieve that? We think so. But you be the judge. 

Here’s how MobiLoud is unique.

MobiLoud is a Truly Flexible Platform

In the mobile app world, flexibility in terms of features and functionality traditionally came from native development - for which you’d need to contract a team of specialists.

This generally isn’t the way to go for small and medium sized businesses though. Why? Because it’s prohibitively expensive and takes many months.

At this point, many turn to the various app development platforms that are just a Google search away. These are cheaper, and faster, but may not be worth the effort - let's look at why.

Most App Builders are Restrictive

These tools look initially promising, and it makes sense. When you’re building for the browser these days - platforms like WordPress make it ‘simple’ for non-developers to build all manner of sites and web apps. Surely the same thing exists for mobile apps? 

Well, not really. 

There’s a big problem with most app builders. While these tools can get you into the App Stores - with an app that does “something” and has your logo on it - you’ll soon realise that you’re severely limited. 

Your ideas and vision for the apps will be forced to fit into their pre-built templates and modules. You’ll likely have to make serious compromises and tradeoffs.  

Here’s where MobiLoud comes in, and here’s why MobiLoud’s different. 

MobiLoud Integrates the Best of the Web

The web is amazing, and very flexible. With the huge proliferation of no-code tools, platforms like WordPress, and the increasing flexibility of major browsers - there has never been a better time to build your ideas on the web. 

We are the only mobile app platform that allows you to integrate the flexibility of the web into the native mobile app format. 

Every feature, plugin, customization and tweak you’ve made for your site or web app can be integrated into the mobile apps you build with MobiLoud - whether that’s through Canvas or News.

No matter what you built for the web, MobiLoud can turn it into top-quality mobile apps

News and Commerce build fully native apps that are easy to integrate the features and logic of your site into. The apps are highly customizable, and can take functionality from plugins or custom code that you now run on the web. 

Canvas on the other hand is designed for maximum flexibility out of the box. Canvas apps provide everything your site does with no need for customization or integration, and they’re always 100% synced with your site - so there’s never any need to worry about design changes to the apps or porting functionality to them. 

Get the Apps you Really Want

The apps can integrate everything from your web experience, or some of it. You aren’t limited. If you can build for web browsers you can now build for the App Store and Google Play too with MobiLoud. 

While the process differs in terms of specifics, flexibility is what really unites our products and sets them apart from other options on the market. 

By leveraging our platform and the expertise of our team - you can get the web’s flexibility and diversity of features on your mobile apps too. 

You can get the flexibility of native apps built from scratch, but at a fraction of the price. The apps will be just as unique as your site is, nobody will ever know you took a shortcut, and you only have to wait weeks - not months.

A Professional Level of Design and UX

Unlike many app builder platforms, we are not a good option for hobbyists or people tinkering with building simple apps. 

Rather, we’re completely zeroed in on the needs of successful and growing businesses. We understand what site owners and growing companies need and work with you to find the right solution and roadmap for the apps, maximising efficiency as well as the quality of the end result. 

This means a strong focus on design and User Experience. As we mentioned above - we are not about templates or cookie cutter apps. Our platform, and the apps we create, are constantly optimized with the end user in mind. 

MobiLoud apps are built with modern UX and usability best practices

Everything is customized, right down to the push notification icons that your users will see popping up on their lockscreens. We create unique designs for everything from the splash screens, to the App Store icons - personally taking care of all the small but important details that usually get skipped over or templated. 

You’ll get apps that match your brand exactly. Your users will get a modern, fast user experience that is simple, intuitive and enjoyable. 

We Don’t Just Sell you Software, we Partner with you and Guarantee Success

The typical SAAS model is to sell you a license to the software, point you in the direction of some explainer videos and documentation - and then set you loose. 

This works fine for a lot of things, but not so well for a complex process like app development. It’s the model a lot of app builders use, and it can work for them as the options are so limited that a simple drag and drop suffices. 

We Manage the App Project with You

As MobiLoud builds higher end, unique, custom apps - this won’t do. So we take a very proactive approach to customer support and manage the project with you - from the initial concept stage to going live on the App Stores and beyond. 

Every site is different, and every app is different. We’ve seen it all over the last seven years and 1000+ app projects. 

It’s a Personal Experience

Getting you the best apps for your business requires a personal touch. 

You’ll know our team members by name, and you’ll always be able to count on help from a fast and competent team. We are real people that you can chat with directly via email - but also on the phone or on a Zoom call whenever necessary. 

We solve any issues that crop up directly, hands on. You’ll never be left alone to fix things or on hold with some hopeless support bot or impersonal ticket system. 

Success is Guaranteed 

Your success is also guaranteed. As we don’t leave you to figure things out or go through the pain of dealing with Apple’s stringent requirements - there’s no chance of you failing and not getting your apps approved. 

We handle submission and publishing the apps on the App Store and Google Play, and deal with them on your behalf. 

The App Stores often have certain changes or tweaks required to get the apps approved, and this can be tricky. We know the process inside and out though - having gone through it more than 1000 times - so we guarantee a successful outcome. 

With no long term contracts, and a 60 day satisfaction guarantee - there’s no risk that you get apps that you don’t like or that don’t work for you. In the unlikely event that you feel that way - we just refund you!

A Platform for Every Goal

MobiLoud has two different platforms that we have developed over the last 7 years.

Canvas is for converting any site (woocommerce stores or community sites) or web app into mobile apps. News is for WordPress based digital publishers.

If you have a website or web app, and you want to turn it into apps in the most effective way possible - chances are MobiLoud is for you. 

Other app builders will try to squeeze whatever you have into one of their templates, then connect it with your existing CMS with an API (if you’re lucky) or an RSS feed. More accurately, they’ll likely leave you to set that up, as generally they won’t have much enthusiasm for solving any unusual or unique problems for your use case. 

On the other hand - we’ll work with you to figure out which of our platforms is the best fit, and then we’ll work with you to get the optimal result. 

Whether you’re a publisher, a growing startup, or an eCommerce brand - you can use MobiLoud to build apps that you can be proud of. They’ll be completely custom, bringing the best of your web experience to the native app world. 

We Never Leave your Side

What about when the apps are published? Do you then have to handle everything yourself?

Thankfully no. 

Although the apps are simple for you to manage - they will automatically sync with any changes or updates to your site and you can manage everything from a simple plugin - we offer lifetime support. 

Operating systems bring out frequent updates, new phones are launched, regulations change. This means that apps have to be constantly maintained by developers or they will fail. Usually this costs five figures a year at a minimum. 

As part of our license though - we handle everything, for the lifetime of the apps. 

We’re here to recompile, retest, rebuild and republish your apps as many times as necessary. We’re here to release updates to the stores - you’re never alone to deal with these crucial parts. Most app builders might assist with the initial setup - but few will be around to handle maintenance which is just as important. 

There’s nothing for you to worry about, and no expensive surprises around the corner. We save you money and give you peace of mind. 

Now you know how we’re different - get in touch with one of our team and let’s start building something great!

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