How Foreign Policy built modern news apps for their magazine

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1000 downloads on Android in the first 30 days

“If you’re set up on WordPress and you’re serious about WordPress – MobiLoud really get WordPress”

Adam Griffiths
Chief Product Officer

Foreign Policy is an American news publication, founded in 1970 and focused on global affairs, current events, and domestic and international policy.


Washington DC



  Foreign Policy is a US-based publisher focused on current affairs, global events, and domestic and international policy matters.   They’ve been around for half a century and are still going strong, presenting “the world to Washington and Washington to the world”.   Foreign Policy publishes six print issues annually and have several podcasts and newsletters.   Naturally now though, their website is the cornerstone of their brand, where they publish articles throughout the day.  

What about apps?

  We’ll let Chief Product Officer Adam Griffiths explain the story.  
“We’d already had a mobile app on iOS for about three years. It wasn’t set up in a way that was easy to update, evolve and iterate on. It was sectioned off from our WordPress site and required the external team that developed it to manage and improve on it”
  Last year, a new publisher came on board at Foreign Policy.   One of his goals was to get the app up and running again, modernize it, and develop one for Android too.   Developing an Android app too was a smart goal, as it broadened the potential of the app products at home and particularly with a global audience.  
“We have a very global audience, and with Android saturation being higher in other parts of the world, we definitely wanted to have an app experience that everyone could access”

Finding MobiLoud

  Adam was tasked with making it happen. He checked out a few options and came across MobiLoud. We specialize in developing apps for publishers and news outlets so it was a natural fit.   Adam wanted to check out our references before committing to anything.  
“First, we talked to some references. MobiLoud had built an app for Business Insider in Europe and our publisher came from Business Insider here. We got in touch with the head of that project for that app, and they had a really good experience with MobiLoud. That definitely made us feel good about making that decision”
  With the decision made, the work could begin.  

Getting To The App Stores Fast

  Adam already had a good idea of what they wanted and had thrown around some design ideas and concepts with his team.  
“We were able to hit the ground running really fast which was nice”
  It’s great if you have a solid plan for what you want from your app. If you don’t though that’s no problem – we’ll help you to build one.   We can take care of the whole design and build process through our custom plan, or you can use our platform to easily develop great apps yourself. Either way we’re in regular contact with throughout the process to make sure the apps are a success.  
“The previous company we used was pretty much totally an offshoring operation, so it was nice to have the team at MobiLoud connecting with us directly on a weekly basis as the project evolved. We got a good sense very quickly that they were easy to work with”
  Adam had a list of features and customizations he wanted the app to have, so we got to work building a roadmap to get there.  
“Very early on the thing that I appreciated about working with Pietro and the team was that we had a pretty clear cut vision as to what we wanted when we went in. MobiLoud’s team took that outline and within a couple of weeks had a really good assessment of whether these things were doable”
  After assessing everything, we let Adam and the team know exactly what was completely doable right out of the box, and what might need some additional thought and planning.  
“Many of the things we asked for were already on the MobiLoud roadmap, as they help each client customize the app and tailor it to individual needs. The process is very clear and transparent”
  We support many features as standard, but whatever the requirements our team can generally work with you to figure out a solution. That’s what we’re doing with Foreign Policy.  
“There are a few things we were talking about building into the next version of the app”
  But the priority was getting great apps launched so their audience could start enjoying them on iOS and Android ASAP.  

An Ongoing Partnership

“We got the app done and got out the door, then we turned to the next phase, and MobiLoud have been very proactive in managing the ongoing roadmap with us”
  Once the app was ready and live they were very happy with it – and had to let their readers know that there was a new and improved channel to get their content through.  
“We did a marketing campaign as soon as we had this new app that we were really proud of. It was shiny and new and we knew it would work reliably for anyone who installed it!”
  Promoting your app to your audience when it launches is a smart move. Many of them are probably already wondering when you’ll release one and will be excited to install it.  
“I just checked this morning and we’ve already seen about a 40% uptick in traffic to the product page on the Appstore”

A Better Reader UX

  There was also some solid evidence that Foreign Policy readers were enjoying the new and improved mobile experience.  
“We’ve also seen more people keeping the app installed for more than 30 days. People are definitely seeing the update and using it. We’ve got a lot of great feedback from our users. We just launched on Android and we had a thousand installs in the first 30 days”
  We’re working closely with Adam and the team at Foreign policy to make sure the success of their app project continues to grow.    
“If you’re set up on WordPress and you’re serious about WordPress – MobiLoud really get WordPress”
  WordPress is really our forte. Our platform takes your WordPress site and converts it into native apps. So of course we can and do offer support that goes beyond the strict remit of the apps themselves.  
“They’ve not only been good partners, but working with MobiLoud and a company that knows WordPress so well, they have definitely helped us understand how to make better use or more optimized use of the platform itself. They can really be there for you in whatever capacity you need them to be for your team”
  We’re happy to work with a great brand like Foreign Policy, and are excited to keep helping them get their great content out to their audience through the best possible channel.   If you’re a WordPress-based digital publisher and you’re interested in pleasing your audience and growing your traffic, revenue and brand – get in touch and let’s chat about how we can help make it happen  

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