Medicine for the Soul Yoga Went Digital with a 5-Star Mobile App

We found MobiLoud and it was a perfect fit – all we had to do was design and optimize our mobile site and MobiLoud took care of the rest.

Tom Sutherland
CEO and Creative Director

Medicine for the Soul is a home wellness studio, offering yoga and fitness classes, guided meditation, diet and nutrition guides and more, all in one platform.


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The pandemic forced radical change on many physical businesses, not least of all Medicine for the Soul’s yoga studio.

So, when their doors were forced closed, the obvious pivot was to move to a virtual platform. And while their online wellness platform was a success, their lack of a mobile app still left them significantly behind the curve.

Enter MobiLoud. After checking out a few different platforms, CEO Tom Sutherland went with the affordability and simplicity of MobiLoud’s mobile app builder, Canvas.

The result? A 5 star app that boosts discoverability and allows their users to access their favorite classes from anywhere.

Why Medicine for the Soul Needed an App

Tom acquired Medicine for the Soul, a New York yoga studio in September 2019. Just a matter of months later, Covid-19 hit, and the studio had to close their doors.

That forced them to build an online platform, offering yoga classes and wellness guides to people in their own homes. The pivot was successful, producing over 200 on-demand videos, 30 live classes, and partnering with a number of corporate clients.

But there’s one thing that all online platforms need today, to provide the best UX for their customers – a mobile app.

Our consumers desperately needed easier access to our content on their mobile phones and devices. We needed a quick and affordable solution to build and implement Apple and Google Apps.

Having just pivoted to a virtual platform, Tom definitely didn’t have the in-house resources to build an app from scratch. Thus, he looked to app builders.

MobiLoud vs the Competition

MobiLoud wasn’t the first app builder Tom looked at. He surveyed the options on the market, but none of the others hit the mark.

The common problem was one of two things. Either the solution was overly complex, or simply too expensive for a business without a huge development budget.

Then he found MobiLoud.

We looked at several other platforms, but nothing was as affordable or simple to implement as MobiLoud.

MobiLoud stood out from the crowd in both areas. On one hand, the price worked. But more than that, it was the way MobiLoud made the process incredibly easy at each step.

This made a huge difference for Tom, when comparing to other app builders and no-code platforms.

MobiLoud was able to meet our immediate needs. The affordability was a huge incentive for us, but also the simple process of getting our apps designed and launched.

5 Stars on the App Store – How Their Mobile Apps Turned Out

Tom did have some concerns about how their apps would turn out.

In particular, he was worried it might not load fast enough for their customers. But those concerns were quickly put to bed.

We were only concerned about loading and buffering times through the app. We found this wasn’t an issue as we moved forward.

The outcome was an app their customers loved. It turned out to be the perfect solution for Medicine for the Soul to bring their yoga and wellness experience to people in their own homes, on both mobile and tablet.

Medicine for the Soul’s iOS mobile app
Medicine for the Soul’s iOS app for iPad

Customers were very happy! Our apps are well used and very appreciated. We’ve seen a lot of downloads and received lots of positive feedback since launching.

Their customers have made their opinion known via App Store reviews, with a perfect 5 star rating on the iOS App Store.

The best thing for Tom and his team is that they now have an app that’s easy to update and maintain as they add new content or classes, or iterate on the design of their platform.

These apps give you the control to change designs and update your apps as needed as it relates to your website. Everything updates instantly.

Medicine for the Soul needed fast, functional and easy to maintain mobile apps, and what they got with MobiLoud was a 5-star app that was perfect for their transition to a digital wellness platform.

To find out more about building your own mobile app, get in touch with our team. 

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