Goodness Exchange Works with MobiLoud for 8 Years and Counting to Spread Positivity

Since 2014, Goodness Exchange has trusted MobiLoud to build and maintain mobile apps for their positivity-based news site.
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Goodness Exchange

Goodness Exchange is a news/media site dedicated to sharing positive and uplifting content to their readers.

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Goodness Exchange is a different kind of media site. Instead of the usual negative news stories made to stir up emotions and drive clicks, they cut through the noise with positive, uplifting content.

Like any publisher today, mobile is a key focus for them. For more than eight years, MobiLoud has been helping them provide a quality mobile presence, without the massive expense that comes with a native coded app.

Read on to learn more about Goodness Exchange and MobiLoud’s fruitful and happy partnership.

About Goodness Exchange

Goodness Exchange is a positivity-focused news site. They publish news and content on a variety of topics, from business, to science and technology, to arts and culture, with one caveat - it’s all good news.

Their idea is to make a difference with fresh, positive and uplifting stories, rather than what we’re used to seeing in the news.

The company has been going strong for a number of years, first under the name Ever Widening Circles, more recently rebranding to the Goodness Exchange.

Launching an App to Offer Positive Notifications

An app has always been a key part of what the Goodness Exchange wants to offer.

A large part of their user base are mobile users - a share that’s rising every year. And, on the whole, mobile users prefer to use apps when they go online.

On top of that, positive notifications were vital for Goodness Exchange’s vision. They wanted to give people something different to the type of notifications we usually get, from social media and breaking news.

Building an app (particularly with MobiLoud, which makes it easy to send mobile push notifications), allowed them to do that, as Co-Founder Liesel Ulrich says:

“We found that people were really struggling with getting constant negative notifications on their phone, those kinds of things that a major news outlet would have. We thought people needed a reprieve in their pocket from that kind of negativity. So for us, the app was really important.”

An app also helped them monetize their audience through their subscription offering.

“Having the app there was a great way to monetize the work we were doing as well, by adding a monetary subscription as opposed to only a free newsletter.”

Getting people to sign up for a subscription would be significantly easier with the added convenience and utility of a mobile app.

Working with MobiLoud Since 2014

Goodness Exchange’s partnership with MobiLoud is not new. We’ve been working together for close to a decade already, helping them develop several versions of their app.

“We've actually developed a couple of apps with MobiLoud, very early, before everyone was saying you needed an app. We had an app with MobiLoud in 2014 and then we updated and got a new app in 2020. In December of 2021, we launched the Goodness Exchange and gave our app another facelift.”

The key thing we provide in the partnership is an in-depth knowledge of app development. Publishers like the Goodness Exchange just don’t have the in-house team to build and maintain an app, and hiring developers can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars - or more - each year.

Along with that expertise, we offer a level of service that few app development companies do, helping build trust with companies we work with.

“I'm not an expert in apps, so I have to put a lot of trust in the people that are putting our app together. We've run into a lot of difficulties finding great people to work within the digital space and you guys have really built a lot of trust for us.”

Leisel really appreciates the care and attention we devote to the partnership, which is why they’ve stuck with us for more than eight years.

“One of the things that I really appreciate about working with MobiLoud is that I feel like I'm not just like one of millions of cogs in a machine. I feel like there's a personal touch. When I'm emailing you, I’m getting a response that shows you really do care about the work.”

How the App Impacts their Business

For a media site like the Goodness Exchange, offering convenient access to their content on mobile is essential.

More people today access the internet on mobile than on desktop. And it’s just far easier and more convenient for people to open the app and check out a story than pulling up the URL in their mobile browser.

Thus, it’s important for the Goodness Exchange to have this, not least of all because it lets them fight negative and distressing notifications head-on.

“The app is a huge part of being able to get people instant access when they need it for positive news, fresh insights and also uplifting perspectives that are happening around the world.”

The app has also been a great help in growing their business. Along with getting new users from the app stores (they’ve ranked in the top 15 for magazine/news apps), they’re able to use app subscriptions in partnerships with other organizations.

“Something really cool that we're working on right now is we're working directly with businesses and organizations to offer the Goodness Exchange and the app as a part of their company benefits and wellness programs.”

MobiLoud: The Perfect Way for Publishers to Launch Their Own App

Like the many other publishers we’ve worked with, the Goodness Exchange couldn’t have provided such convenient access to mobile users without MobiLoud.

We give these businesses, who do not have extensive technical teams in-house, a way to launch an app with minimal expense.

Even better, we help them keep their apps fresh, current and bug-free, through operating system updates and more. This could cost you millions over the lifecycle of your app - with MobiLoud, it’s a small, predictable fee.

The cherry on the top is our level of service, far above what you usually get when you hire someone to build an app.

“I just think that there's a personal touch and I always feel heard by you guys, which isn't always true from service providers.”

If you’re running a news site, magazine, or any other business with mobile users, there’s little reason not to launch your own app. With MobiLoud, there’s little to no risk, and zero expertise necessary on your part.

All you need to do is get on a demo call with one of our app experts. We’ll explain how the process works, and show you what a mobile app can do for your business.

Get in touch today and start growing your business with mobile apps.

Goodness Exchange

Goodness Exchange is a news/media site dedicated to sharing positive and uplifting content to their readers.

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