Why MobiLoud is the best AppMySite Alternative

Looking for an AppMySite alternative to build apps from your WordPress site? You’re in the right place. We’re going to explain how our platform, MobiLoud, compares with AppMySite – and why we might be a better choice for you. 

First we need to explain one thing. MobiLoud is actually two distinct app builder platforms:

  • Canvas can convert any WordPress site into hybrid mobile apps, and WooCommerce stores into native shopping apps 
  • News is for WordPress-based digital publishers to build native content apps
klotin app
MobiLoud has a solution for any kind of site

Canvas is our most general tool that can convert any WordPress site into mobile apps. We’re mostly going to be looking at Canvas as an AppMySite alternative in this article – but there are sections at the end comparing News and Canvas too. 

MobiLoud Canvas vs AppMySite – the big picture

MobiLoud and AppMySite have some superficial similarities. Both allow you to convert WordPress sites into mobile apps for iOS and Android – much faster and more affordably than custom development. 

That’s where the similarities end though – as they are two very different solutions. Here’s a summary of the main differences, then we’ll dive into them in more depth. 

The Key Differences: 

  • AppMySite is a template-based app builder with limited ability to integrate plugin and site functionality, MobiLoud Canvas can integrate all plugin, theme and site functionality
  • AppMySite is a DIY software tool, MobiLoud Canvas is a service with our team taking a hands-on approach to the project and handling all the tricky parts for you
  • AppMySite is ideal for small sites on a budget and side projects, MobiLoud Canvas is more targeted at established businesses that want a managed service and a guaranteed result

Let’s look at the differences in more detail. 

What is AppMySite?

AppMySite is a do-it-yourself template-based app builder. 

The service charges a monthly fee that gives you access to the platform. The platform lets you build a mobile app in a DIY code-free environment and manage the app through a dashboard.


Above: sample app created with AppMySite.

Since it is a DIY tool, users can simply signup and get started – technical support is only available in the form of pre-sales support, automated bot support, and their online knowledge base. Users can customize app appearance to a limited extent.

appmysite dashboard

Above: AppMySite has some options that let you personalize your app design

What is MobiLoud Canvas?

MobiLoud Canvas is among the most effective tools for converting WordPress sites into mobile apps. It works differently on a technical level from AppMySite. Let’s have a look at how. 

Template vs Webview

With AppMySite you build apps through a drag and drop template. The apps then pull content from your WordPress site with an API to populate them. 

Canvas is a native “wrapper” that displays your existing website through the mobile apps using webviews. Think of it like a dedicated browser that has your existing site running as an app.

It isn’t just a wrapper though. Canvas adds all the native elements for a great user experience like a native tab menu, push notifications, and much more. 

MobiLoud Canvas can be build apps from any WordPress site
MobiLoud Canvas can be build apps from any WordPress site

It’s a more flexible, smarter way to convert websites to apps. Let’s look at why. 

No restrictions, integrate everything from your site

Using AppMySite forces your site into their templates. There are three major disadvantages of this:

  1. Creates “cookie cutter” apps – like thousands of others except with a different logo
  2. Limited ability to integrate site plugins
  3. You lose your theme and any of its functionality

The apps are not really closely related to your site at all. All they do is pull content from the same source and put it inside a branded shell. 

Canvas is a much more flexible AppMySite alternative here. Your Canvas app is your site – in native form and with the important “appy” parts layered on top. 

Canvas works great for eLearning apps!
Canvas works great for eLearning apps!

This gives many advantages compared to a templated builder like AppMySite:

  • All plugin functionality can be reused in the apps straight out of the box
  • You can keep your existing theme, along with any of its existing features, or use an entirely different one for the apps
  • The apps can actually be unique, because your site is unique

If you have a remotely complex site that relies on plugin or theme functionality – Canvas is the way to go. If you use AppMySite much of the previous work you’ve done for the web will be unusable in the apps. 

No major companies that we know of use DIY templated app builders to build their apps.  On the other hand, many tech giants rely on webviews and build apps on the Canvas model – like Quora, Basecamp, and many more.

Quora uses webviews for the mobile app
Quora uses webviews for the mobile app

The flexibility is the reason why. 

Not only can you use anything from the web – but every app will also have a code editor that allows you or your developers to style it with custom CSS. The possibilities for customization are endless!

You’ve already done the hard work building your site – now Canvas can take everything you’ve built and convert it for iOS and Android. 

MobiLoud has a higher level of service

Whereas AppMySite is a software tool that offers some support through a contact form, MobiLoud is a tool combined with a service. 

We take a hands-on approach throughout the process, helping you to configure, build and publish to the App Store and Google Play.

Although on our self-serve tier you will configure the apps yourself, ultimately, we are responsible for delivering a great result. We also have a full service tier where we build the apps for you entirely on our platform, and also prepare all the design assets that you need to publish too. 

Whether you go self-serve or full service though, the support will be hands on. You’ll know our team members by name, and we’ll be available 24/7 to help out via direct email or even zoom. We never leave you waiting around in a slow support ticket system. 

Results Guaranteed, no risk

With AppMySite, you can test the apps free of charge. So you’ll get a reasonable idea of what they look like and the basic functionality. 

To launch, and see how your app actually performs in the hands of users, you need to be on a paid tier. After that point, there is no money back guarantee. 

We offer a 60-day guarantee. You can cancel and get a full refund for whatever reason within that period. We also have no long term contracts, so there’s no risk on your end. 

We’ve covered Canvas and compared it to AppMySite, now let’s take a little look at our other platforms and see how they shape up. 

For WooCommerce stores

We recently released MobiLoud Canvas, which turns WooCommerce stores into native eCommerce apps.

When comparing AppMySite and MobiLoud Canvas, the broad principles are more similar. Both create a native eCommerce app that pulls content from WooCommerce through a plugin. 

There are some important differences though that make Canvas a great AppMySite alternative for building WooCommerce mobile apps:

  • AppMySite has you build apps with a drag and drop builder, whereas Canvas apps are configured through the plugin itself
  • We can integrate non-WooCommerce plugins into the app functionality 
  • With AppMySite you build template apps, with Canvas our team build native apps on our platform then connect them with your WooCommerce site 
  • You can manage your Canvas apps from our plugin, with AppMySite you have to use their dashboard

Canvas was designed to build fast native apps that follow best practices for eCommerce app UX.

Canvas builds fully native eCommerce apps
Canvas builds fully native eCommerce apps

We obsess over every tiny detail to make sure your apps are ready to convert as well as possible, and our team is always on hand to make sure the apps are a success.  

For News sites

MobiLoud News is for WordPress-based digital publishers to build native news apps just as good as The New York Times or Quartz. 

If you want to build content apps, then there’s no real competition between MobiLoud News and AppMySite for the following reasons:

  • News has integrations for all major paywalls, subscription platforms, and advertising networks used by top publishers
  • News has publisher-specific features like comments, recommended content, and native sharing 
  • News is built specifically for professional, high-traffic publishers and has a design and user experience that reflects that

News is used by top publishers like Foreign Policy, Business Insider and hundreds more.

You can even get the apps built and customized for you for no upfront cost through our publisher program – where we share ad space in the apps in exchange for the service. 

Read more about News here. 

Why AppMySite?

Relative to MobiLoud, AppMySite has one major advantage – the cost. It is significantly cheaper, starting at $9 per month where MobiLoud starts at $100 per month.

This is the nature of a completely automated software tool vs a service.

Our developers are engaged in every app build and rigorous round of testing and customization – and it is not possible to provide this level of personal service at a lower cost. This level of service is required because every app is different and customized.

That’s why it’s popular for side projects and testing ideas, while MobiLoud is a better AppMySite alternative for established businesses that want their apps “handled” for them.

If cost is the single most important factor for you, and you don’t mind much about service and app functionality – then AppMySite is better for you. 

Why is MobiLoud a better AppMySite alternative?

Although MobiLoud isn’t as cheap, it’s an AppMySite alternative that gives you much more.

Our platform isn’t a cookie cutter template – but let’s you create truly custom apps by leveraging the best of the web. The apps will be up to the standards of a professional business – and will give you a brand presence on the App Store and Google Play that you can be proud of. 

You get an experienced team with 1200+ apps under our belt, committed to making your apps a success. We don’t just sell you software, we partner with you to guarantee successful projects. 

We’re focused on the needs of growing businesses – and obsess over every tiny detail right down to the push notification icons that will pop up on your users screens. 

There’s no uncertainty – you know that your apps are handled. Our service includes all ongoing updates and maintenance in the future. 

You can read more about how we’re different here. 


In summary, AppMySite could be for you if:

  • Want to minimize cost as much as possible
  • Don’t need much flexibility
  • Don’t need to integrate much site functionality
  • Are happy with relatively limited apps
  • Are happy with a DIY approach

MobiLoud is a better AppMySite alternative if you value:

  • Integrating plugins and theme functionality from WordPress
  • Flexibility and customization options
  • Getting the apps built and maintained for you by a team of experts 
  • A personalised, hands-on service and support
  • A platform proven to work well for established, growing businesses

If you think MobiLoud could be right for you, there’s no need to make a decision right at this instant. Unlike AppMySite, you don’t just sign up and start.

The process begins with a demo call with one of our team. We walk you through the process, answer all your questions, and you’ll know by the end if MobiLoud is right for your business.

Ready to get started? Book a demo today!