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Top 16 Ecommerce Communities to Join in 2024

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Looking to stay ahead of trends, discover new strategies, and connect with like-minded peers in the ecommerce industry? Joining an ecommerce community can provide you with valuable insights and learning opportunities from fellow entrepreneurs.

These communities offer a wealth of knowledge, resources, and support, whether you are just starting or already running a successful online store.

Ecommerce communities come in various forms, including forums, social media groups, and private networks.

Communities often feature exclusive content, webinars, AMAs with industry experts, and much more.

Read the article below to explore the best ecommerce communities and how they can benefit your business by offering insights, support, and networking opportunities that are crucial for your growth in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

1. Grow Social Club

Starting the list off strong, with the “SoHo House of online retail”, as they call themselves. The Grow Social Club is the best place for senior executives to learn, grow, and create authentic connections.

Memberships include daily access to their “house” with co-working spaces in indoor and outdoor settings, as well as free retail executive guest, passes, wellness areas and activities (ie. sauna and soul cycle), and opportunities to host and speak at events.

Sounds great, doesn't it? If you’d like to join, see for yourself, by filling out the application on their website above. Brand memberships are only by referral.

2. Ecommerce Elites Mastermind

It’s tough navigating the ropes of ecommerce. There’ll always be space for learning.

With Ecommerce Elites Mastermind, find a family in your ecommerce community. The Ecommerce Elites Mastermind is a 103k member, tight-knit group of DTC enthusiasts, that interact on Facebook.

Some may already be familiar with them, as they've garnered quite a bit of fame. You might have spotted them in numerous Facebook groups, boasting about their $2 million+ months or the lightning-fast scaling of a brand-new store from zero to 5/6/7 figures within days.

If you’re looking for a platform to connect with commerce professionals, engage in a low-pressure community, and gain comprehensive knowledge from the ecommerce industry, the DTC Fam is the community for you.

BTW, the application is such a breeze. Fill out the details, and you’re good to go!

3. DigitalMarketer Engage

Looking to enhance your marketing? Well, DigitalMarketer’s got you.

With an ambitious mission to double the size of 10,000 businesses in the next five years, it's a goal that is sure to intrigue anyone.

DigitalMarketer Engage is a small Facebook community where members can learn and interact with one another about anything related to online advertising strategies, marketing, and ecommerce. Although this group is relatively small compared to the others mentioned, it's a great example of leveraging Facebook groups for ecommerce growth and its focus on digital marketing is not one to overlook.

If you want to try DigitalMarketer’s other paid services and get mastery certifications and workshops, you may check it out here.

4.  Woo Community

Once again, another Facebook group! Who said Facebook wasn’t an effective ecommerce community platform?

The official WooCommerce group offers an opportunity for discussion, for WooCommerce users to best maximize the features, functionalities, integrations, and best practices of WooCommerce online shops.

Empower members, collaborate on ideas and strategies, and share your story. Whether you're a store owner, WordPress developer, or WooCommerce and ecommerce enthusiast, this community is for you.

5. Workspace6

Workspace6 stands out as the premier community for 7, 8, and 9 figure+ ecommerce operators—just ask anyone who's experienced its magic firsthand.

Rub shoulders with a carefully curated group of brand owners spanning various industries, all united in their quest to strategically scale their brands to new heights.

With over $10 billion in collective revenue across hundreds of members, Workspace6 offers unparalleled networking opportunities and exclusive discounts on essential ecommerce software like Northbeam, Triple Whale, and Post Pilot.

Plus, with weekly digital meetups, you'll be networking on a whole new level—24/7 active communication, networking, and knowledge await you around the clock!

6.  Ecommerce Fuel Forum

You may already be familiar with Ecommerce Fuel through their popular podcast, but there's more to them than meets the ear! With over 1400 members, they're a community of seasoned entrepreneurs, not just beginners or vendors, ensuring a wealth of meaningful ecommerce experience to share.

Their discussion forum is a bustling hub of activity, offering rapid, insightful answers to your ecommerce queries. With thousands of new comments each month and years of archived discussions, you'll find a pandora’s box of knowledge, all professionally moderated to maintain quality and keep pitches at bay.

With an average member revenue of $5 million, joining Ecommerce Fuel offers a potential 10X ROI guarantee, all for as low as $199 a month.

7. E-commerce Marketing School

“Your Community for all things ecommerce marketing”

Founded by Privy, the E-commerce Marketing Community is a group made to help you connect with other founders growing their brands from $0 to $1 million in sales.

Regardless of whether you’re an ecommerce newbie or someone who’s stuck around the industry for a while, there’ll always be something new to learn. You’re surrounded by people who have done this way ahead of you, and know your struggle.

8. The Growth Partners Community

If you’re not new to SEO, you must know the struggle of managing partnerships and link-building. The hassle of tracking all that data is tiresome. However, The Growth Partners Community is different from traditional link-building services.

The Growth Partners Community comprises top marketers excelling in securing high-quality links for leading SEO campaigns. They leverage collective link opportunities by uniting separate in-house marketing teams working on similar projects.

Get exclusive opportunities, partner relationships at a lower cost and with more diversity from different authors who are just like you.

There are options for free and paid membership.

9. Shopify Community

The Shopify Community stands out as the official forum for all things Shopify. By signing up, users can connect with brands, makers, and partners, accessing a wealth of knowledge and support.

Members can freely ask questions and share insights on various topics, including Shopify design, apps, and ecommerce marketing. With over 20 sub-discussion boards, the community is bustling with activity, offering a vibrant space for networking and learning.

10. The Founder’s Club

With industry leaders from Hush and FrostBuddy, The Founder’s Club encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to build relationships where like-minded and courageous people can build, learn, and experience together— as a team.

Join membership-only events where you get to experience retreats and team bonding, have a digital community where you can ask your questions 24/7, and join educational talks weekly from industry leaders.

While the club was only founded in 2023, best believe The Founder’s Club has grown rapidly with the freshest players in the ecommerce game, with events from Texas to Toronto!

11. Titan Network

Titan Network is an exclusive, invite-only membership organization for elite Amazon sellers. Members gain access to a network of trusted sellers, the latest strategies, expert advice on legal, tax, and shipping matters, discounted software, two live masterclasses each month, and a dedicated product sourcing, development, and logistics team in China and Asia.

Gain access to the TitanWay Playbook, featuring proven results and expert insights from leaders in PPC and product development, along with Titan Tools designed to empower you and streamline high-leverage tasks.

12. Amazon Sellers & FBA

This LinkedIn community boasts nearly 55k members, many of whom are successful Amazon sellers and business owners.

To join, your request must be approved. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs and Amazon sellers, as it offers a more professional environment compared to Facebook.

This is a great community to join if you're a regular LinkedIn user - and even if you're not, it's still an excellent resource to use to learn more about Amazon selling and ecommerce.

13. The Conference Room: A Private Mentorship Group

In comparison to the other communities here, this one has a price tag on it. However, that’s just because the benefits outweigh the cost!

The Conference Room is a private mentorship group with over 700 people who work together as they grow and launch their Amazon Business.

For 164 dollars, you get lifetime access to the community, paid guides and textbooks, exclusive mini-courses, and profitable product alerts from group members.

If you’re in doubt, check the testimonials from other group members in the link above.

14. BigCommerce Forums

From community Q&A platforms, groups, news and updates, and even a platform to share your ideas, BigCommerce is a forum that not only allows you to find answers, but it keeps you inspired.

Designed for medium to large-scale businesses, BigCommerce stands out with its official online forum. Users can easily navigate distinct groups to seek assistance on various ecommerce topics, particularly those related to BigCommerce software.

15. Startup CPG

According to them, virtual get-togethers are so 2020. Can’t help but agree!

With 10 city hubs, Startup CPG hosts regular meetups for all 20,000 of their members. Whether it be talking about the latest brands, getting on-the-spot advice, industry news, and dates, you won’t regret joining Startup CPG.

How can you join, you may ask? Subscribe to their newsletter, look for the introduction email in your inbox, and join the conversation on Slack to stay up to date.

16. Shopify Experts & Newbies

An ecommerce community list isn’t complete if we’re going to miss out on Shopify Experts & Newbies.

Whether you’re a new or experienced Shopify store owner, continuous learning is highly encouraged. There will always be questions about your business and opportunities for growth.

If you need any assistance, feel free to post your stories and questions in the group. With 189k members, there's always someone ready to help!

Wrapping Up

Connecting with an ecommerce community is crucial for ongoing learning and networking. I understand that making genuine connections and finding people who truly resonate with your journey can be challenging.

The communities we've highlighted are active and eager to assist, with at least 3-5 new posts daily.

Here’s a simple way to distinguish between these communities:

Ecommerce Facebook Communities

Amazon and Shopify Communities

Private and Authenticated Communities (paid memberships)

In the world of ecommerce, it’s not just about selling products; it’s about building relationships. Ready to find your new friends? Dive into these thriving communities and watch your journey soar!

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