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July 9, 2024

The Top 10 Ecommerce Communities for Amazon Brands

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Are you an Amazon seller looking to level up your knowledge and skills? Joining a community is the best way to enhance what you already know and lend a hand to fellow sellers.

Connect with other Amazon sellers, expand your network, get your questions answered, and even answer others. Join an inclusive community where you can share experiences, tackle common issues, and build valuable connections.

Here are the Top 10 Ecommerce Communities for Amazon Brands for Your Business. Spoiler alert: these communities are like the secret ingredient your business has been missing!

Fun fact: Did you know Amazon accounts for nearly 40 percent of ecommerce sales today? Learn more incredible stats about Amazon in this article.

1. Titan Network

Titan Network is an exclusive, invite-only membership organization for elite Amazon sellers. Members gain access to a network of trusted sellers, the latest strategies, expert advice on legal, tax, and shipping matters, discounted software, two live masterclasses each month, and a dedicated product sourcing, development, and logistics team in China and Asia.

Gain access to the TitanWay Playbook, featuring proven results and expert insights from leaders in PPC and product development, along with Titan Tools designed to empower you and streamline high-leverage tasks.

2. Amazon Sellers & FBA

With roughly 55k members, this LinkedIn community is dedicated to ecommerce entrepreneurs focused on Amazon’s services.

To join, your request must be approved. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs and Amazon sellers, as it offers a more professional environment than Facebook.

If you’re an avid LinkedIn user, this is for you! If not, start using LinkedIn regularly, as there is so much more to learn.

3. Seller Central Forum

The Amazon Seller Forum has blossomed into one of the largest online communities for Amazon sellers, boasting millions of users globally. It's a hub where sellers exchange ideas, offer advice, and find answers to launch and grow successful businesses on Amazon. While anyone can browse the forums, only registered sellers can post or reply, ensuring the discussions stay relevant and insightful.

As the only Amazon-affiliated discussion board, it offers a unique opportunity to connect with fellow sellers and dive deep into Amazon-specific selling topics.

4. AMZ Tracker Community Forum

AMZ Tracker earns its nickname, "Offense and Defense for Amazon Sellers," for good reason! It’s the go-to community for learning top tips and tricks to boost and maintain your Amazon rankings. Trusted by over 120,000 sellers and 2 million registered shoppers, this platform is a playbook for ecommerce success.

Join their blog to stay updated with the latest insights, track industry analytics, and keep an eye on competitor rankings. With AMZ Tracker, you’ll never be behind with everything happening Amazon and ecommerce related!

5. Amazon FBA Discord Server

Discord isn't just for gamers—it's also a top-notch spot to build a community. While it might have started with game chat, it's now a fantastic place to network, interact, and get your burning questions answered.

The AmazonFBA server, with over 23,000 members, sees an average of 200-300 active members at any given time, so someone is always there to catch your messages. Their main channels cover everything from brand registry and PPC advertising to listing optimization, logistics, and other markets.

6. Amazon FBA Competitive Edge

Welcome to the Amazon FBA Competitive Edge Group, founded by the legendary Greg Mercer. This group aims to unite, inspire, and inform the Amazon FBA private-label community, creating a space for sellers to thrive.

For Greg, selling on Amazon was life-changing, and he's dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs and brands unlock their potential. Seller success stories not only inspire him but also drive him to continually improve Jungle Scout, his company.

Join this dynamic Facebook group to collaborate, discuss, and succeed together. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

7. Amazon FBA and Online Sellers : MySilentTeam

With 75.8k members, Amazon FBA and Online Sellers: MySilentTeam is a powerhouse community. This group, the largest assembly of successful online business warriors, features hundreds of recent success stories that you can scroll through—and they want your story to be next!

Boasting over 1,700 success posts from around the globe, the "Recent Media" section is brimming with inspiring tales. Whether you're a newbie or a pro, there's something to learn and share. And if you need a dose of motivation, check out their podcast at!

8. Amazon Sellers Community: Private Label FBA FBM

With 54.8K members, the Amazon Sellers Community: Private Label FBA FBM group is a bustling hub for tips, strategies, keywords, PPC, promotions, and SEO insights, plus big discount codes.

Established a decade ago, this group remains vibrant and active. To join, simply request access, answer one question, and agree to the group rules—you've got one week to respond, or your request will be deleted.

Join the community, embark on your learning journey, ask to your heart's desire, and don't forget to give back.

9. Amazon Seller Reddit Community

Who said Reddit can't be helpful? With 63k members, the r/AmazonSeller subreddit is a buzzing hive of ecommerce activity. Ranked in the top 2% by size, this community thrives on the anonymity that encourages open and honest discussions.

Feel free to ask and answer questions without any hesitation—just remember to keep it friendly and respectful. Share your opinions, industry news, and more, and watch your ecommerce knowledge grow!

10. Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is a battleground for insights, advice, and experiences, where knowledge and kindness are your greatest weapons. With nearly 1.9 million members, over 8.9 million posts, and more than 763,000 threads, it's a thriving hub for ecommerce enthusiasts.

Sign up, log in, and dive into the wealth of advice and discussions available. Whether you're looking to conquer new markets or fine-tune your strategy, this community has you covered. Join the ranks and let your ecommerce journey thrive!

Wrapping Up

From Reddit to Discord and external forums, ecommerce communities are fantastic places to interact, learn, and grow. Amazon's staggering $2 trillion market cap as of June 26, 2024, highlights the incredible potential for your Amazon business. The sky isn't the limit—it's just the beginning.

With countless businesses, diverse experiences from fellow entrepreneurs, and a myriad of strategies to explore, joining a community is your next best step. Connect with others, share your journey, and unlock the full potential of your business.

Don't just sell, excel—join an Amazon community today! We’ve chosen 15 amazing ones for you!

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