TikTok Wants to Help Publishers to Make Money on Their Platform

Only three years old but with over a billion downloads, Gen Z’s biggest platform is trying to woo publishers with new ways to make money.
NBC, Group Nine, The BBC and ESPN have all been experimenting on the platform over the last year as a way to reach younger audiences. TikTok also set up a content partnerships team in 2019 to work directly with publishers with the goal of growing their audiences.
Soon that team will shift some of its focus to helping publishers to monetize through branded content.
Bryan Thoenson who heads up content partnerships at TikTok said that:

“Publishers have sophisticated sales forces and great relationships with brands, and they talk to them almost daily about content they can create across various channels”

It’s true, there’s clearly some strong potential there for brands who’ve built up a strong audience on the platform.
Tiktok have also opened up their creator marketplace to publishers as well as influencers, which allows them to work directly with marketers on branded content initiatives.
Thoenson and his team also provide weekly insight reports to the publishers they work with, keeping them up to date on trending hashtags and best practices.
Many publishers would like to be on TikTok, but aren’t sure about it from an ROI perspective. Creating the kind of videos that have the potential to go viral and be loved by millions of teens seems like it would be a time and resource intensive challenge.
Does it have to be though?
As quoted in this Digiday piece, Arman Walia who runs social media for Complex said that:

“We could take old videos from back in the day and breathe new life into them”

Any video footage can be potentially repurposed into TikTok content. As long as it can be made interesting and tied creatively to music it can work.
Do you have any old (or new) video footage that could work well on TikTok? Have a think about it, it could be a great way to grow your audience among the younger generation!