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eCommerce Market Size by Country in 2023

Global eCommerce sales are estimated to be worth close to 6 trillion USD, making up 19.5% of all retail sales worldwide.

Some countries are significantly ahead of or behind the curve when it comes to eCommerce adoption, as you’ll see in this post. If you’re curious which countries contribute the most eCommerce sales, you’re in the right place.

Stay tuned as we show you the top eCommerce markets in the world, along with fastest-growing countries for eCommerce and those with the highest share of online sales versus total retail sales.

Biggest eCommerce Markets in the World

China is the #1 eCommerce market in the world, by an extremely large margin, generating over $3 trillion annually in eCommerce sales, representing more than half of all online sales around the world.

The US is next, with more than $1 trillion in annual eCommerce sales - impressive, but still approximately a third of what China does each year.

After that, it’s a significant drop to the next biggest eCommerce markets.

Let’s break down the top 10 countries around the world in terms of eCommerce sales.

1. China

2023 eCommerce Sales: $3.02 trillion

Top eCommerce Brands in China

  • (US$132.76 billion annual sales)
  • Tmall (US$22.19 billion annual sales)
  • (US$16.38 billion annual sales)

2. USA

2023 eCommerce Sales: $1.16 trillion

Top eCommerce Brands in the USA

  • Amazon (US$130.27 billion annual sales)
  • Walmart (US$52.40 billion annual sales)
  • Apple (US$30.99 billion annual sales)

3. UK

2023 eCommerce Sales: $195.97 billion

Top eCommerce Brands in the UK

  • Amazon UK (US$15.36 billion annual sales)
  • Sainsbury’s (US$7.04 billion annual sales)
  • Tesco (US$7.04 billion annual sales)

4. Japan

2023 eCommerce Sales: $193.42 billion

Top eCommerce Brands in Japan

  • Amazon Japan (US$12.83 billion annual sales)
  • Apple (US$3.61 billion annual sales) 
  • Yodobashi (US$2.50 billion annual sales)

5. South Korea

2023 eCommerce Sales: $147.43 billion

Top eCommerce Brands in South Korea

  • Coupang (US$18.25 billion annual sales)
  • Himart (US$1.34 billion annual sales)
  • SSG (US$1.33 billion annual sales)

6. India

2023 eCommerce Sales: $118.90 billion

Top eCommerce Brands in India

  • AJIO (US$2.15 billion annual sales)
  • Reliance Digital (US$1.37 billion annual sales)
  • JioMart (US$1.24 billion annual sales)

7. Germany

2023 eCommerce Sales: $97.32 billion

Top eCommerce Brands in Germany

  • Amazon DE (US$16.10 billion annual sales)
  • OTTO (US$5.06 billion annual sales)
  • Zalando (US$2.92 billion annual sales)

8. Indonesia

2023 eCommerce Sales: $97.14 billion

Top eCommerce Brands in Indonesia

  • JD (US$1.02 billion annual sales)
  • Blibli (US$697.4 million annual sales)
  • Orami (US$372.0 million annual sales)

9. Canada

2023 eCommerce Sales: $82.81 billion

Top eCommerce Brands in Canada

  • Amazon CA (US$11.51 billion annual sales)
  • Walmart (US$4.15 billion annual sales)
  • Costco (US$2.55 billion annual sales)

10. France

2023 eCommerce Sales: $79.36 billion

Top eCommerce Brands in France

  • Amazon FR (US$5.14 billion annual sales)
  • Shein (US$1.75 billion annual sales)
  • Veepee (US$1.57 billion annual sales)

Fastest Growing eCommerce Markets

Now let’s look at the countries where eCommerce is growing the fastest.

Southeast Asia strongly dominates the top 10 eCommerce markets by sales growth, and with the region as a whole being the fastest growing region for eCommerce, with 18.6% growth in 2023.

The Philippines tops the list of fastest growing eCommerce markets, at 24.1% growth. Following up is India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Despite already being the 2nd biggest eCommerce market in the world, the US still makes the top 10 for growth in eCommerce, with the market increasing by 10.5% in 2023.

Check out the fastest growing eCommerce markets around the world below:

  1. Philippines (24.10% growth)
  2. India (22.30% growth)
  3. Indonesia (20.00% growth)
  4. Malaysia (18.00% growth)
  5. Thailand (16.00% growth)
  6. Mexico (14.20% growth)
  7. Argentina (14.00% growth)
  8. Vietnam (12.50% growth)
  9. South Korea (10.60% growth)
  10. USA (10.50% growth)

Top Countries for eCommerce Penetration

Finally, we’ll look at which countries eCommerce is particularly dominant vs traditional retail.

As with total eCommerce market size, China is at the top of this list too, with nearly half of all retail sales coming from eCommerce).

Indonesia, the UK and South Korea all score over 30% eCommerce penetration (meaning eCommerce as a percentage of overall retail sales), while the USA rounds out the top five.

Check out the top 10 countries with the largest eCommerce market share below:

  1. China (47.00% eCommerce penetration)
  2. Indonesia (31.90% eCommerce penetration)
  3. UK (30.60% eCommerce penetration)
  4. South Korea (30.00% eCommerce penetration)
  5. USA (15.80% eCommerce penetration)
  6. Mexico (14.20% eCommerce penetration)
  7. Singapore (14.00% eCommerce penetration)
  8. Japan (13.70% eCommerce penetration)
  9. Russia (13.20% eCommerce penetration)
  10. Canada (11.70% eCommerce penetration)

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Summing Up

The data in this post shows us a number of things.

Despite the massive, multi-trillion dollar value of the worldwide eCommerce market, there’s still room to grow.

eCommerce still only makes up less than a fifth of all retail sales. Additionally, a lot of the value of the eCommerce market is concentrated in China (with over 50% of the market), and to a lesser extent the US.

To extend it further, nearly 90% of all eCommerce sales come from the top 10 eCommerce markets. That means significant room for growth from newer markets.

High-population countries such as the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Vietnam are all among the top 10 fastest growing countries for eCommerce. As these huge population bases go more digital, expect eCommerce to grow further, and overtake traditional retail in more markets before long.


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