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Pietro is the founder of MobiLoud, where he helps site owners grow their audience on mobile with their own mobile apps.
app push notifications increase engagement

How to Boost Engagement with Push Notifications

If you have a product business, community website, or a news site, you already know the difficulties of keeping your user base engaged as time goes on. This is normal – with time, all marketing channels decrease in effectiveness. Brian Balfour...

mobile app monetization

The Complete Guide to Mobile App Monetization

Coming up with a groundbreaking concept for your mobile app and turning that vision into a reality is just the beginning. Figuring out how to make money from it is a critical part of planning, development, and future upkeep of the app. Even if your...

news site paywalls example

Should You Add a Paywall to Your Site?

What are the Benefits of Paywalls? What Are the Drawbacks of Paywalls? Should You or Should You Not Implement a Paywall? Wrapping Up A paywall – the method of restricting access to content via paid subscriptions – seems to be a trendy...

apple app store rejection

16 Reasons Why Your App Could Be Rejected by Apple

With over 2 million apps now in the iOS app store, entering such a crowded market is not an easy feat. Every day, more and more mobile apps are being built and published. If you can successfully pass Apple’s rigorous review process and get...

Best WordPress News Themes

5 Best WordPress News Themes

Not all WordPress themes are created equal. Whether you’re a WordPress blogger who is new to the game, or if you’ve already built a huge following, it’s important to know that your theme affects more than visual style. The right...

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