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Our News product makes publishing mobile apps easy for everyone from professional bloggers to digital publishers and large news organisations.

Convert Blog and News Site to Native Mobile App

Offer a better user experience

You’ve built a brand and an audience on the web, but a website is no longer enough. For almost everything we used the browser for, we now use apps. This certainly applies for content, news and entertainment. 90% of US consumer's mobile time is spent in apps.

With an app, your readers have a constant reminder of your brand on their home screen. For every important story they receive a push notification. Your app loads in a split second and navigation is simple and intuitive, so smooth, people spend way more time than in the browser reading your content.

MobiLoud made creating our native apps so easy. Our iOS and Android apps enjoy all of the features we wanted and let our readers take our content, with push notifications if they desire, wherever they go.

Lizie Zhang, Product Manager, Soompi

Connect directly with your readers

You already know you can’t trust Facebook to continue bringing traffic. It’s a pay to play game now.

To grow a business on solid foundations you need to own your channels. Like your website, a mobile app gives you an asset you control, a direct line to your best and most loyal readers.

Mobile apps and push notifications are the best retention tool available to publishers. With MobiLoud you can send notifications automatically whenever you post new content or manually, whenever you want.

If you are in the market for a moble app with Push Notifications and run a WordPress-based news site, it really works and is easy to set up and you can configure it and send notifications right from the WordPress dashboard.

Jason McLean, Editor In Chief, Forget the Box

Grow faster with your own app

Combine an App Store presence, with your icon on the home screen of your most loyal users, with push notifications and improved user experience and you have the recipe for mobile growth.

People use the App Store to find apps from the brands they love, the services they use and the publishers they trust. Just in Q3 1018, the total combined Apple App Store and Google Play app downloads amounted to an estimated 27.1 billion. What are you missing out by not being on the store?

App users come back more often, they spend more time within your app and more easily convert to subscribers.

Over 150,000 people have downloaded our app in less then a year. Everybody who has a blog should have a native application like ours because it's so simple to do with MobiLoud.

Craig Dos Santos, Co-founder, The Run Experience

Monetize mobile traffic, with no ad blockers

No ad blockers and native ads SDKs help you monetize usage, along with higher engagement rates compared to mobile-optimized websites or desktop websites.

With built-in support for Facebook Audience Network, Admob, Google DFP and Mopub we provide publishers with unlimited options to monetize traffic using banners, full screen and native ads.

And with the option of selling in-app subscriptions the opportunities to monetize are even greater!

We support the following options:

  • Google AdMob banners, native ads and full screen ads.
  • Facebook Audience Network banners, native ads within the content and full screen ads.
  • Google DFP or MoPub ad servers supported, with support for banners, interstitials, and native ads.
  • HTML/Javascript/iframe ad units you can embed directly in your content (you're free to fit them wherever within articles/pages).

Ad blocking software is becoming a real problem on the web. I wanted to ensure I was able to properly monetize my website during the crucial initial growth phases.

Gregory Baugher, Founder, Suburban Men

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Integrated with WordPress

Posts, custom post types, themes and plugins, your app will play nicely with your WordPress site. You get to customize it and manage it completely from within WordPress.

You can manage push notifications, send manual messages or configure automatic notifications for new content, directly from WordPress.

Almost all plugins can be integrated within your app, if you have any questions, just get in touch.

The perfect solution! My website needed a mobile app, but we balked at the prices of private developers. We were about to give up. Enter Mobiloud. Pietro and his team have found the best solution for a wordpress-to-mobile app solution.

Jason Rollison, Editor in Chief, Pirates Breakdown

Designed for digital publishers

Leverage the same platform used by high traffic websites such as Business Insider, Flair, Evoke, Dawgnation, Mundo Hispanico.

Building a news app from scratch would take 2-3 people working full time for months, and the work would be never finished, with the need for continuous updates.

Working with MobiLoud you get all the benefits of a fully native, customized native app, including all the setup and maintenance, at a small fraction of the cost of building your own app internally.

We now have a great looking native app that stays up-to-date with our site automatically. MobiLoud allowed us to focus on our content without writing a single line of code to get our apps built.

Luke Wheeler, Editor, Compare The Cloud

Updates automatically

Your app will automatically update with new content published on the site. There’s no changes for your editorial team, they continue publishing content to the website and the app will be automatically showing the latest stories.

Trigger notifications automatically for new articles or send them manually, our solution is completely flexible and can be adapted to your editorial processes.

The realtime synchronization is great. The changes in articles and adjustmens update very quickly. The native design is awesome and articles are loading very fast. The app is a big win for us!

Fatih Senel, Editor in chief, LIGABlatt

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