How to Convert a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Site to Mobile Apps

Salesforce Commerce Cloud powers more than 12,000 ecommerce websites around the world, and is among the top ten most popular platforms for high-revenue, high-traffic ecommerce sites.

With more and more people everyday shopping on mobile, there’s never been a better time to launch an app as a companion to your Salesforce store. Keep reading to learn how to convert your site to an app with minimal expense and no restrictions, in as little as two weeks.

What You Need to Know To Build a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Mobile App

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a powerful platform to build an ecommerce site. It gives you amazing websites out of the box, but mobile apps are a different story.

Salesforce offers headless APIs that bridge the gap between app and website, but you’ll still need extensive development.

Today, a mobile app is quickly becoming as much of a necessity as a website. You need a self-contained, mobile-first vehicle for the growing share of your customers who prefer to use an app.

To build iOS and Android apps for your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store you have three options: hire in-house developers to code custom native apps; use a DIY, no-code app builder; or simply convert your web store into an app using MobiLoud.

Why MobiLoud is the Best Way to Build Mobile Apps for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Sites

Developing fully custom native apps takes a long time, a huge investment, and takes significant work to manage. App builders are inflexible, locking you in to run of the mill templates, and also add more work to maintain.

MobiLoud is an ideal alternative.

 "If we had unlimited time and money, we would probably go for a custom native app, but that is half a million to a million a year to maintain."

- David Cost from Rainbow Shops

MobiLoud is a fraction of the cost, time investment, effort and overhead of native app development, and is more flexible and easier to manage than an app builder.

It doesn’t lock you into one platform, there’s no rebuilding, and there’s minimal work to maintain.

MobiLoud lets you keep all the features from your Salesforce Commerce Cloud website and launch an app in less than two weeks, for as little as $350 per month.

Learn How 👇

How to Convert Your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Site to Native Mobile Apps With MobiLoud

  1. Book a free consultation call, where you can learn about the process, share your requirements with our team, and get a preview of what your app will look like.
  2. We do a mobile website review to check if your site is ready to be converted into an app. Our team of UI and UX experts will help with any optimizations your site needs before creating your app.
  3. We build your mobile app. We do everything to bring your apps to life. We’ll convey your website’s functionality and design to the app, with mobile-specific features such as native navigation, push notifications, onboarding, cart tab, cart abandonment notifications and more.
  4. Test your apps on your own device. Alongside our testing, you can try a working version of the app to see that it works as you expect.
  5. Launch. You can start promoting your apps to your audience. We submit your app for approval to the Apple and Google Play app stores, handling the whole process for you.


  • MobiLoud handles technical updates and maintenance for your apps once they are live.
  • Your mobile apps’ UI and functionality updates automatically as you update your site.
  • Apps come with virtually zero overhead, and no duplication of effort. You just worry about managing your website.
The John Varvatos app, built from their Salesforce Commerce Cloud site

Build Your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Mobile App with MobiLoud Today

MobiLoud is the best way to create apps for Salesforce Commerce Cloud sites.

You’ll replicate everything that makes your website great. It’s low-cost, low-effort, and provides unlimited upside for your business.

  • Keep all the features and integrations from your Salesforce Commerce Cloud site.
  • Update your app automatically along with your website.
  • Save $500k+ in ongoing costs.
  • Manage just one codebase.
  • Get all the features customers expect from a custom native app, including native push notifications.
  • Add a powerful new marketing and communication channel with minimal investment and no overhead.

Boost engagement and retention, enter the app stores and reach a new level of authority for your brand with your own Salesforce Commerce Cloud mobile app. 

Get in touch now to schedule a demo and see what MobiLoud can do for you.

Want to get a preview of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud app? Click here to view an interactive demo of your website as an app in just 30 seconds.

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