How to Convert Your Amplience Site Into A Mobile App

Converting your Amplience store into a mobile application can help you boost your revenue and reach out to more customers.

Mobile ecommerce is experiencing rapid growth, with a surge in smartphone-based shopping. Failing to prioritize mobile experiences means neglecting a significant number of potential customers. The cost of developing a fully customized native app can be high. On the other hand, you can opt for an Amplience app builder and create a fully functional, high-quality Amplience mobile app with minimal expenses.

Keep reading to learn how.

Why You Need a Mobile App

Mobile has established itself as a dominant force, with Android capturing nearly 70% of the market share and iOS over 30%, a significant rise in the last five years.

This trend aligns with the overall shift towards mobile internet usage, which continues to grow each year. Currently, mobile devices account for over 50% of the market share, surpassing both desktop and tablet.

Furthermore, a noteworthy fact is that 15% of Americans rely exclusively on smartphones to access the internet. This highlights a future for ecommerce where customers are not merely mobile-first but mobile-only.

While optimizing your website for mobile is a crucial step, mobile apps present an even better opportunity. The utilization of mobile apps offers an enhanced user experience, leading to notable improvements across several key metrics, including:

  • Increased conversation rates
  • Higher average order value
  • Higher number of products viewed per session

Another interesting point to consider is that individuals who choose to work with an ecommerce mobile app are twice as inclined to revisit the store within 30 days when compared to their counterparts who opt for mobile browsers.

Mobile apps also provide the advantage of leveraging mobile push notifications, which can increase open rates by up to 56%.

Additionally, mobile apps are an excellent tool for fostering loyal and repeat customers.

Do you really "need" to transform your Amplience store into a mobile app? Perhaps not. However, an Amplience mobile app can bring substantial benefits to your business.

Can You Create Mobile Apps for Amplience?

You can't launch a mobile app straight from Amplience. Amplience is crafted chiefly for webstores. To frame a mobile app with Amplience, you'll require something extra to bridge the gap, for example:

  1. A third-party Amplience mobile app builder.
  2. A tech-enabled service to transform your Amplience store into a mobile app.
  3. A squad of developers to build apps for Android and iOS and attach them to your Amplience store.

Can I Turn My Amplience Store into an App?

You can transform your Amplience store into an app through one of the ways listed above.

But keep in mind that the option of hiring developers to create native apps can be expensive. Developing a single native app can range from $30,000 to $150,000 per both Android and iOS platforms.

Making an app is a complex process that is both time-consuming and costly. It gets even more complicated when your developers need to build an API and attach the backend of your apps to your Amplience store.

More likely than not, you don't have the resources for this. And this is before factoring in the annual cost to keep your app running.

The Recurring Cost of Having an App

Keeping up with and maintaining the tech, such as OS updates, Amplience updates, bug fixes, fresh features and upgrades, adds up to no less than 15-20% of the beginning cost every year.

It could possibly be costlier - David Cost from Rainbow Apparel did a great deal of research on this subject when they were rolling out apps, and found that the cost could be as much as one million yearly.

"On the off chance that we had boundless time and money, we would most likely choose a custom native app, however that is $500,000 to $1M a year to keep up."

David Cost, VP of Marketing, Rainbow Apparel

On the conservative side, let's say it takes $150,000 to build apps for both mobile platforms. The conservative gauge for updates and maintenance comes to $30,000 per annum.

That's an excessive amount for most storekeepers to dish out. What's more, you have to factor in the recurring stages required to move ahead, as opposed to simply managing your site. It makes your work three times harder each time you need to roll out an improvement to your site, adding a multifaceted approach to your work process.

The Best Way to Turn Your Amplience Store into an App

The top selection is to transform your Amplience store into an app utilizing an Amplience mobile app builder.

An Amplience mobile app builder will change your existing Amplience website to a close-to-native mobile app, which users can download and install on their mobile devices.

The top app builders will give you a mobile app that supplies 90-95% of what you get with a native app, but cheaper and with less work. Nonetheless, you should be aware that not all options on the market are appropriate for building high-traffic, professional mobile apps that represent your brand well.

How to Convert Amplience to App

If you’re a big player like Amazon, Walmart, or H&M, you probably have enough resources to build a native shopping app from the ground up.

But if that's not the case, MobiLoud is the ideal solution for you. It'll get your app off the ground quick with easy and cheaper setup and maintenance costs.

Let's walk through the step-by-step process of using MobiLoud, the best option for building your app.

Step One: Preview Your App or Get a Free Consultation

You can choose one of these two options.

  1. You can go use our MobiLoud builder to create a free preview of your website's mobile app version.
  2. Or, get on a free consultation call with one of our app specialists to discuss your needs and get an outline of how the system will work.

MobiLoud App Builder

Regardless of the direction you choose, you'll see that 90% of the hard work to bring your app to life is already accomplished if your site is already geared towards mobile users.

If you find yourself in need of assistance to optimize your site, please don't hesitate to inform us. We're more than happy to help! This step is fundamental to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

Step Two: Work With Our Team to Build Your App

When you’re ready to go, sign up to MobiLoud. Our plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and there is no requirement to stay long term.

You’ll work together with our team to set up and create your app. Keep in mind that a lot of the work is already done. You do not need to design a new UI from the ground up, only a few adjustments to make it look and act like a native app.

Once you're satisfied, we'll kickstart the process and build your mobile app. You don't have to worry about the technical aspects—we'll handle all the coding.

If you prefer, our team can take care of the entire process from start to finish. Our full-service package covers everything you need to set up, design, and launch your app, allowing you to be completely hands-off!

Step Three: Prepare for Launch

When your app development is complete, it's time to prepare for its public launch. Having a well-crafted plan in place is important to encourage app downloads.

We provide a range of assets to assist with your app's launch, including resources for app store descriptions, launch announcements for your website and email subscribers, press releases, and more. Moreover, you can set up additional features at no extra expense, such as intelligent app banners and exclusive app discounts, to incentivize your current customers to use the app for their shopping needs.

Step Four: Launch and Submit Your Apps to the App Stores

Finally, we'll launch your apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The submission process for these app stores is notoriously hard, particularly for new app owners and developers. But you're in good hands as we’ve navigated it thousands of times.

Our team takes charge of the app submission process. We offer a 100% app approval assurance and will manage multiple submissions when needed and advocate and employ any essential modifications as necessary. You don’t have to do a thing.

Once your listings are live, you can officially begin to acquire downloads and take advantage of all the rewards of having your own Amplience mobile app.

Wrapping Up – Why You Should Use MobiLoud to Convert Your Amplience Store into a Mobile App

The era of mobile technology is revolutionizing the way we do business. Chances are, a significant portion of your revenue already comes from mobile users, and if not, it will in the near future.

Your Amplience store requires more than just a mobile-optimized website. To maximize your earnings from mobile users, it's crucial to offer your own branded app.

Today, transforming an Amplience store into a mobile app has become incredibly convenient, provided you take the right approach. Rather than spending a substantial amount of money on mobile developers, MobiLoud offers a hassle-free and accessible solution.

To summarize, here are the the key advantages you can expect from using MobiLoud's Amplience app builder:

  • Achieve all this at a fraction of the cost involved in custom app development.
  • In just under a month, you can launch professional, top-notch apps that meet the highest standards.
  • Your apps will preserve all the features that make your website exceptional, including product collections, payment gateways, plugins, tools, themes, and more.
  • Everything remains synchronized across web, Android, and iOS platforms. Any changes you make on your site will be instantly reflected in your apps.
  • You can bid farewell to the concerns of submitting your apps to the app stores as we guarantee approval.
  • Our team will be by your side throughout the entire process, taking care of all the complex tasks so you can focus on what matters.

This user-friendly app builder, which requires no coding, empowers you to launch your own shopping apps and secure a prominent spot in the app stores, alongside renowned global brands.

Feel free to get in touch with us now to discover more about how we can assist you in launching an app for your Amplience store. Schedule a free, personalized demo, and one of our IT experts will guide you through the entire process.

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