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Splash screen | MobiLoud Docs

Splash screen. Learn how to prepare your app’s splash screen. On this page. Example H2. Example H3.

Cookie-based login | MobiLoud Docs

login, it simply uses the cookie to determine if the user is logged in or not, dismissing the login screen

Record device screen on Android | MobiLoud Docs

Record device screen on Android. Learn how to record your device screen on Android. On this page.

Record device screen on iOS | MobiLoud Docs

Record device screen on iOS. Learn how to record your device screen on iOS. On this page.

What is the MobiLoud Full-Service option? | MobiLoud Docs

Professional icons, splash screens for your app, at all resolutions required.

Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager (GTM) | MobiLoud Docs

” under the "Property" column: Click the “Create custom dimensions” button on the right side of the screen

Login feature | MobiLoud Docs

The Canvas platform allows you to configure a page of your website to be used as the login screen of

Convert Website to App | Mobiloud

Our designers create professional icons, splash screens, and custom screenshots for your app and store

Login with native functions | MobiLoud Docs

Canvas allows you to display a login screen when the app is opened, requiring users to log in before

How to test apps | MobiLoud Docs

You must then open the TestFlight app, and click “Redeem” on the top right area of the screen.