Use POWr's entire library of excellent features in your mobile apps

For ecommerce brands, POWr has some great tools for integrating social proof, reviews, and personalized forms to your site - which is great for building engagement and trust. 

If you use POWr now for the web, you probably rely on it quite a bit. So, can you reuse it in native apps? 

Using POWr in Native Ecommerce Apps

POWr is a suite of web tools, it is not designed for the world of native mobile apps, which run on a different set of technologies. 

But, there is a way to reuse everything from POWr in native ecommerce apps. 


Reuse POWr in Native Apps with MobiLoud

MobiLoud is a site-to-app platform for ecommerce brands. 

We take your existing web store, then convert it into high-end, custom shopping apps for iOS and Android. 

You can reuse everything from POWr. 

However you currently use POWr’s plugins on your site, MobiLoud translates that exactly into your new apps. 

How you use POWr in the apps is up to you, because MobiLoud apps sync in real time with your site. There are tons of options for you like:

  • Integrating social feeds, contact forms, and popups into the app to easily improve functionality and UX
  • Use engagement tools like countdown timers and popups to create urgency and drive conversions in-app

You keep full control, because the apps will reflect however you choose to use the plugins on the web. 

With MobiLoud You can Keep POWr and Everything Else from Your Site

Usually building high-end ecommerce apps would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take many months. 

But, with MobiLoud, you can launch excellent apps in just weeks, for a small fraction of the standard cost. We also handle everything for you as part of our full service. 

This is thanks to our unique platform, developed over 5+ years and thousands of apps. 

Essentially, we build custom native apps for you, with all the native components you need for a great UX like push notifications. These apps then pull content from your site via webviews, essentially functioning as native wrappers for your existing site. 

This is a proven model used by some of the largest retail platforms on earth like Amazon and Ebay. It works great. 

This is why with MobiLoud you can integrate everything from your site - all your features, tools, and plugins - and manage everything from your existing workflows. 

No other app development method has the same blend of efficiency, practicality and effectiveness. 

You can get started free, with no risk. 

Just get in touch, and one of our app experts will answer all your questions. 

Note: when we say “integration”, this doesn’t necessarily imply we built this specifically. It means that, functionally, you can integrate this tool by using it in-app just like you do on the web.

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