works out of the box with MobiLoud. Contact our team if you need any help with setting up your app.
Contact our team if you need any help with setting up your app.

MobiLoud integrates with Klaviyo.

MobiLoud makes mobile apps work with Klaviyo with no integration needed.

Use Klaviyo's marketing automation, email, and sms features in your mobile apps. It works with MobiLoud without any complex integrations needed. That's the beauty of our approach to mobile app development: your entire tech stack, all tools, apps and plugins on your site work out of the box in your mobile app.
works out of the box with MobiLoud. Contact our team if you need any help with setting up your app.

Klaviyo is a very useful marketing automation platform, famous for helping eCommerce stores to nail email, SMS, and push marketing. It allows some of the biggest eCommerce brands to segment customers, understand their preferences and behaviors, and even predict future spending. 

Integrating Klaviyo into Native Mobile Apps 

Klaviyo maintains a native API, along with iOS and Android SDKs.

Now if you already have native iOS and Android apps, then it should be possible for you to integrate them with Klaviyo. It will take some time and effort, but since you likely have native app developers on staff - it’s doable. 

Building native eCommerce apps costs hundreds of thousands and takes months of work though, so what about the simpler options?

Integrating Klaviyo with a Mobile App Builder

Some templated, API based eCommerce app builders have pre-built integrations with Klaviyo. If you already used one of these to build apps, check out their documentation to see what’s possible. 

App builders are highly restrictive by nature though, and if they don’t have anything for Klaviyo, you’re out of luck.

There’s a much better way to build eCommerce apps that integrate Klaviyo completely - MobiLoud

Integrate Klaviyo into your iOS and Android Apps with MobiLoud

MobiLoud is like the Rolls-Royce of eCommerce app builders. Not only do we convert your existing web store into high-end eCommerce apps, handling all aspects of the app build for you, but we integrate everything from your existing site. 

That includes Klaviyo. 

However you use Klaviyo right now and whichever features you use, they’ll keep working just the same in your MobiLoud apps. 

You can reuse every:

  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • Data point 

From your current Klaviyo setup - straight out of the box. 

MobiLoud lets you reuse everything from your site, which is possible because MobiLoud apps are your site wrapped in a special native app UX. We mix the best of your site with the best in native app design and technology for a winning combo that will delight your loyal customers and drive up your orders and revenue to new heights. 

Our team of app experts use our custom platform, developed over 5+ years, to build your apps for you. We also keep them updated and maintained forever, so you can keep focusing on your core web business while the apps practically run themselves. 

Build eCommerce Apps with MobiLoud & Klaviyo Today!

MobiLoud has been used by thousands of businesses - including large eCommerce brands like Rainbow and Bestseller

Whether it’s Klaviyo or any other tool or custom features you want to translate into your app experience, we’ve got you covered. Whatever payment gateways, cart solutions, marketing tools, or anything else you use right now, you can reuse in your app. 

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