Appy Pie vs Mobincube: App Builder Comparison

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When choosing an app builder you need to make sure the platform is a fit for your requirements. Despite there being several popular app builders out there like Mobincube and Appy Pie, it can be hard to immediately see the differences between them. We're going to take a look at both of these solutions and help you decide which one is right for you.

What is Mobincube?

COC guide app screenshot built with MobinCube

A popular app made with MobinCube - a guide for "Clash of Clans" players[/caption]Mobincube is a DIY app builder that allows you to create a free app without any kind of programming knowledge.It’s a platform to build any kind of app that primarily provides information to users.

Mobincube's Key Features

1) Visual Drag and Drop Builder

You use Mobincube’s visual interface to “drag, drop, copy, paste” elements around the platform  to create your app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.The Mobincube site says that you can build:

  • Tourist guide apps
  • Tutorial apps
  • Restaurant and Hotel apps
  • Recipe apps
  • Online Radio apps
  • And many more...

You can add widgets with extra functionality, such as device features and advertising functionality.[caption id="attachment_951" align="aligncenter" width="517"]

Screenshot of WikiMap app, made with Mobincube

The WiKiMap app - made with Mobincube shows off some of the more advanced functionalities[/caption]Although there are lots of customization options available, it’s best to use the templates that come with Mobincube as a starting point and then modify from there.

2)  Monetize your app with advertising

Mobincube created their platform to enable creators to monetize apps through their platform.[caption id="attachment_948" align="aligncenter" width="535"]

Screenshot showing MobinCube's ads system

MobinCube is highly integrated with ad platforms[/caption]Your Mobincube app integrates with Admob and whenever people click on your ads, you get paid. Their pricing plans are affordable because there is a Monthly Active User (MAU) cap on who you generate revenue from. On their free plan you can have up to 1,000 MAU. Even if you surpass that the app will keep working, however Mobincube will keep the extra advertising revenue you generated from those extra users.If you upgrade your subscription the MAU limit increases, and you'll keep your revenue.[caption id="attachment_949" align="aligncenter" width="510"]

Screenshot showing MobinCube's ad capabilities

MobinCube's platform is focused on ad revenue[/caption]You can upgrade your subscription as needed and receive a higher percentage of your ad revenue. If would rather pay less per month for your app and are fine with a cut of your revenue going to Mobincube, then it's a great option.

Mobincube Pricing

As you can see there is a strict limit of MAU (across all of your apps) in all of the plans. They all support advertising so there is potential to make money in all of them.[caption id="attachment_952" align="aligncenter" width="1121"]

Screenshots of MobinCube pricing


Mobincube Alternatives

The main alternatives to Mobincube are other DIY app builder platforms like:

Mobincube Customer Reviews

We looked at user reviews from Capterra and G2 Crowd to get a sense of what people thought of Mobincube:Several reviewers comment that the platform is easy to use. A verified reviewer from a Marketing and Advertising likes "The ability to create an app with efficiency and ease - especially for someone who's never done so before" and another reviewer writing on G2 Crowd calls the platform “fun to use and straight to the point”.They have some reservations however. The same reviewer goes on to call the platform “a bit confusing...” and suggests that Mobincube should offer a more “detailed tutorial option".Daniel O, writing on G2 says that the "Drag and drop is easy to use but not as intuitive as I would like. I couldn’t go live with my projects yet. It should have a preview that shows every change. It would help in the look and feel and UX/UI testing."It seems that there is something of a learning curve to Mobincube, but this can be overcome with a proactive attitude. For instance an administrator in the Marketing and Advertising writes that while Mobincube can be “a little confusing at times to use and understand... Once I looked up enough tips and tricks I made the program work in my favour”.We encourage you to read the full reviews by clicking on the above links.

What is Appy Pie?

Appy Pie is a platform for anyone that wants to make a mobile app themselves, without having to write any code.Appy Pie has a drag-and-drop app builder that allows you to build different kinds of apps, similar to Mobincube's selection of templates.

Appy Pie resturant app and radio app
Apps for a restaurant (left) and a radio station (right), created with Appy Pie

If you have an idea for an app, it’s worth taking a look at Appy Pie to see if they offer a template for it.

Appy Pie’s Key Features

1) Powerful DIY App Builder

Appy Pie makes it easy to create an app with their DIY app builder.You’ll go through a series of drag and drop builders, text editors, and menu selectors until you’ve determined the apps design and style.When you’re happy with the app it’s time to publish it.Appy Pie offers help with publishing to the app stores to their ‘Platinum’ customers, but you can still publish your apps under your own account.Once your app is live, Appy Pie offers a suite of features and tools for ongoing management. You can:

  • Send push notifications (there is a volume limit)
  • Monetize with ad network integration
  • Connect with shopping carts and payment gateways
  • View analytics data

Overall, Appy Pie offers a solid range of features if you want to build an app yourself.

2) Reseller Plan

If you're an agency or looking to become a mobile app reseller, Appy Pie could be for you. You can create apps for your clients using Appy Pie and manage them through a fully white label CMS.The reseller platform is ad-free and you receive a higher level of technical support than you would on regular Appy Pie plans.

Appy Pie Pricing

Appy Pie has four pricing plans.The most popular individual plan costs $50/mo, and their reseller plans start at $200/mo.

Appy Pie Customer Reviews

Gayland, a business owner commented thatthe software is surprisingly easy to use and overall the features are easy to use regardless of your experience level.”Joel, a self-employed IT specialist praises Appy Pie for being “very user-friendly”.For some customers, Appy Pie’s process sacrifices performance and presentation of their app.Don, a Marketing Assistant, points out that there’s no way to make it your own or make it unique unless their custom team builds your app which could run thousands of dollars”.Others are happy with the features, like one reviewer who said: “Like a completely professional app and they provide lots of capabilities and amazing features like IAP, Appointment, CRM connectivity and more.”Khurram, a Digital Marketing Specialist, says their customer support is “Good….. most of the time they provide solutions with in twenty-four hours and the team has good technical knowledge”.Others are less enthusiastic however. Angie, a self-employed coach and trainer comments that “Technical/customer service is polite and does their best but once in a while, there is a definite language barrier.”Others felt strongly about this point, Like Selena the owner of an E-Learning business who was disappointed that “They didn’t help me when they answered the phone… I and my computer engineer had a very difficult time understanding what they were saying”.Overall, most reviewers are happy with Appy Pie and what it offers. The downsides are what you would expect from a Do-It-Yourself software platform.Please head over to Capterra to view the original reviews in full and many more.

Alternatives to Appy Pie

There are several other good options if your looking to make your own app through a DIY platform, including GoodBarber and Mobincube.

Wrapping Up - Appy Pie vs Mobincube

Both Appy Pie and Mobincube are capable app builders.They both have their own unique value propositions as shown above. If you're an agency, you want to go with Appy Pie as they have a dedicated reseller plan. If you're hoping to generate revenue with your apps then Mobincube is a better choice. Not looking for an app builder like Appy Pie or Mobincube? Check out our service, MobiLoud. Our team of experienced developers will build, publish, and maintain your custom mobile app for you.

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