Redefining Engagement, Quality over Quantity and Saving the Internet with Mario Vasilescu from Rewordly Inc

We have a great new podcast episode for you.
Mario Vasilescu is the CEO of Rewordly Inc, the creators of Readefined, the audience engagement engine.
He’s on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet by making it easier for publishers to focus on quality over quantity by creating tools that re-frame the incentives of the “attention economy”.
Mario is a very interesting thinker. We go into his concept of the “click bubble” and how the online attention economy was warped around false and shallow incentives that damaged readers and publishers alike.
We also go deep into the topic of engagement. Mario has a clear and insightful conception of what engagement actually is and how it can be accurately measured and improved.
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You should also check out some of the excellent articles by Mario and his team over at The Content Zeitgeist. They are full of great food for thought, as is this talk Mario delivered at the International Journalism Festival.