Can Publishers Build Sustainable Revenue by Finally Taking Credit for Sales They Make?

We’ve previously written about Buzzfeed’s recent expansion into ever more Ecommerce verticals, is this the future for the industry?
Take a look at how their business has evolved over the last two years.

As reported in Bloomberg, BuzzFeed are rolling out their affiliate business in seven more countries, and are on track to generate over $300 million in 2019.
They’ve really gone all in on affiliate sales now, expanding into Japan, Australia, the UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and India and partnering with retailers like Amazon, Etsy, and Uniqlo.
The publishing industry has long inspired readers to but products but haven’t always been rewarded for it, according to Senior VP of commerce Nilla Ali.

“Publishers can build a more sustainable business if they’re getting credit for what they’re driving”

Buzzfeed have been active in affiliate retail for some time. Their team of affiliate writers work with more than 1000 partners in several countries
According to Ali, they have plans to expand into new industries like finance, entertainment and education.

“We think there’s a lot of opportunity to expand beyond the retail vertical”

The affiliate marketing industry is vast and growing industry. With large and engaged audiences, publishers are ideally situated to enter it.
What are some products or services that are relevant to your audience that you could start to integrate into your content? They must be very relevant to your readers and helpful too – in that case when they buy them it’s a win-win!
Check out the Publisher’s guide to Ecommerce from What’s New in Publishing for some more thoughts, and read the original article about BuzzFeed in Bloomberg!