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The 10 Best Ecommerce Mobile App Development Companies in 2024

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Looking for an ecommerce app development company? Make sure you read this first.

Any online business today needs their own ecommerce app. 72% of the overall ecommerce market share worldwide comes from mobile users. A mobile app means a better user experience which means higher conversion rates, higher average order values, and users looking at more products per visit.

Rather than coding an app yourself or relying on messy DIY, no-code solutions, you might feel like going with an ecommerce app development company, to avoid the hassle of making one yourself. If you do, choosing a reliable company to create a functional, easy-to-use app is vital.

Read on for 10 of the best ecommerce app development companies, and our pick (based on over 10 years' experience in ecommerce app development) for the best way to build your app.

What to look for when choosing an ecommerce app developer or agency

There are a few essential things you need from someone you're going to partner with to create an app, whether you're looking at ecommerce app development services or individual ecommerce app developers. Here's what to look for.

Make sure they’ve developed ecommerce apps before

There are many app development agencies or services out there, but not all of them have experience developing ecommerce apps. Experience with the ecommerce industry is vital.

Ecommerce apps require certain features and functionality that aren’t the same as, say, a mobile game app or a note-taking app. These include checkout services, payment method processing, and more.

If the company you’re considering does not have an existing portfolio of ecommerce mobile app development services, steer clear.

Ensure you get support after the app is built

Look for ecommerce app development companies that also offer ongoing support. Support and maintenance should be part of the package. You don't want to be left high and dry if the app breaks.

Ideally, they should offer tech support and bug fixes for the lifetime of the app, including emergency support and regular maintenance.

Share code between web and mobile app

Look for ecommerce app development companies that will create an app that works in harmony with your website, and ideally shares code between your web and app platforms.

Creating two whole new code bases for your Android and iOS apps locks you into an expensive and time-consuming workflow for maintaining and updating your apps.

You want it to be easy to update your site and make changes, without having to go through each platform and make updates multiple times. Cross-platform or hybrid development solutions allow you to do this, so look for a company that has this capability.

The 10 Best Ecommerce Mobile App Development Companies in 2024

We've been in and around the ecommerce app development industry since 2013, and as such, we know a little about what you need and don't need when building an ecommerce app. Using that experience, we've put together this list of 10 ecommerce app development services that you can consider to create an app for your online store.

1. MobiLoud

Our platform, MobiLoud, is the best ecommerce app development company for your project, even if we're not the kind of app development company you expect.

Most app development companies code your apps from scratch, like if you were to hire freelance or in-house developers to build an app. Unlike these companies, MobiLoud reuses your existing website to convert your website into a mobile app.

Brands that already take advantage of this approach include Rainbow, buybuyBaby, rue21, and many others.

The John Varvatos app, one of many ecommerce apps built with MobiLoud

Ecommerce app development services can build you a functional, high-quality app, and replicate your website's look, feel and features in the app. But it's going to be extremely expensive, and this expense is unnecessary.

By simply converting your site to a mobile app, using our hybrid app technology, you get 95% of what you'd get by hiring developers to create custom ecommerce apps, providing your site is already optimized for mobile devices. It will cost significantly less, take far less time to launch, and come with less overhead.

MobiLoud is not just a software tool, though. We're a full-service company, doing all the work to create your apps, publish them to the app stores, and handle maintenance and updates after launch. That's why we consider ourselves closer to an ecommerce app development company than simply an app builder.

Ecommerce businesses don't need anything radically different to their mobile website when launching an app. MobiLoud gives you a working ecommerce app, out of the box, with no unnecessary investment in time or money.


  • Reuses your existing website code to build an ecommerce app
  • Significantly cheaper; pricing starting at $350/month
  • Launch your app in as little as a month
  • App store submission handled for you
  • Updates and maintenance included


  • May not be able to take advantage of native mobile hardware features

2. SolveIt

SolveIt is a software development company based in the E.U. They develop apps using Kotlin, Swift, React, Flutter, Java, and Node JS for Android and iOS. They have created ecommerce and other apps, including social media apps and productivity tools.

They have experience in payment integrations, inventory management, reporting, admin, and more, so you should be able to integrate all the essential features of a mobile ecommerce app. According to SolveIt, they can deliver a minimal viable product within three months and a full app after around five months.

You can customize how your app works with SolveIt, and they’ll program it according to your wishes. They also perform all the testing and bug fixing so it will be fully functional when you get the app. Additionally, you get a 30-day warranty after the app launches and life-cycle support for additional costs. 


  • Full-service app developer
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Warranty period offers additional reassurance


  • May not reuse your existing website code to build an app
  • Minimum accepted project size is expensive ($50,000)
  • You will probably end up with two code bases for your app and website

3. Digis

Digis is an app development company that has been in business for eight years. They work with startups and large companies and have previously built ecommerce apps for Android and iOS. In particular, they have experience with native Android and iOS apps and cross-platform hybrid apps.

They code in Flutter, Ionic, Kotlin, React Native, Swift, and Xamarin. Previous clients include Sendy, Zid, and many others. Plus, a large chunk of their mobile focus is ecommerce, meaning they are comfortable creating these apps.

Digis has experience with shopping cart integration, analytics reporting, payment gateways, and other essentials of ecommerce apps. In particular, they have experience with push notifications, a vital part of ecommerce mobile apps. 

Because Digis is spread across six time zones, they offer service and support during most business operating hours.


  • Full-service app developer
  • Minimum project size cost is relatively low ($5,000)
  • Strong focus on ecommerce apps


  • May not reuse your existing website code to build an app
  • You will probably end up with two code bases for your app and existing website
  • Not as established as some other companies

4. Cubix

Cubix is a full-service app developer that works with Swift, Ionic, Java, Flutter, React Native, and Objective-C for Android and iOS. They have been around for 14 years and have previous experience building ecommerce apps. Some of their clients include Gforward, Qoot, and more.

You can build a mobile ecommerce app with Cubix that integrates wish lists, payment options, order tracking, and more. They have previously worked with startups, enterprises, and small businesses. 

If you are worried about privacy or embargos, Cubix starts every project with an NDA. That is handy to know if you want to keep certain trade secrets under wraps. Then, after your app is done, you can select maintenance plans that include anything from essential maintenance to future feature upgrades and expansions.


  • Works with big and small companies
  • Lots of ecommerce app experience
  • Maintains strong NDA policies


  • May not reuse your existing website code to build an app

5. Blitz Mobile Apps

Blitz Mobile Apps is a mobile app development company with around 19 years of experience in software development. They use Realm, Ionic, Swift, Java, Firebase, Flutter, Angular, React, and Node JS to build apps for Android and iOS. Previous clients include Tribe 228, Small Town, Pink Poppy, and many others.

If you wish, you can sign up for a full-suite ecommerce app design experience with Blitz. This includes user interface design, the development of the app itself, testing, and maintenance. Blitz can also analyze your metrics and stats to help you identify trends within your app.

Blitz has experience creating mobile ecommerce apps that incorporate shopping carts, customer chat and help, search boxes, social media integration, and more. That is good if you want a fully-featured app that provides your customers with all the bells and whistles.


  • Lots of experience with an extensive portfolio of ecommerce apps
  • Provides a full app development experience from ideation to delivery and maintenance
  • Low minimum project cost ($5,000)


  • Can get expensive on a per-hour basis ($50 - $99/hr)
  • May not reuse your existing website code to build an app

6. Droids on Roids

Droids on Roids is a mobile app development company with 12 years of experience. One thing that sets them apart from other developers is that they are open-source, so you can take a peak under the hood of some previous tools and projects if you are curious. They have previously worked with clients, including CCC Shoes & Bags, Looksie, and many others.

You can also sign up for a project workshop if you are unsure of the form and functions you want in your ecommerce app. That can be helpful if you are just getting started and feel overwhelmed. Ultimately, you’ll also get an estimate of the development costs.

If you want, you can sign up for quality assurance and maintenance plans to get support for your app after it is built. This applies to both startups and enterprises, so no matter how large your company is, you can count on the same level of support.


  • Lots of experience with mobile ecommerce app development
  • Open-source code is accessible and flexible
  • Workshops let you get an idea of the cost and process of app development


  • Expensive hourly rate ($50 - $99/hr)
  • Very high minimum project cost ($50,000)
  • May not reuse your existing website code to build an app


STRV is a full-service app builder creating mobile apps for some notable brands. These include Barry’s, Barnes & Noble, and many others. They have been in business since 2004, which means they have nearly 20 years of experience. But this also means this is one of the most expensive options on this list.

They build apps using Flutter, React Native, and Progressive Web Apps, to name a few, in addition to many others. You can also use their Mobile App Calculator to determine how much time and money it will cost to launch your app.

STRV can also perform QA testing. This includes finding bugs, all forms of testing, and cross-platform analysis. You get a mutual NDA from STRV, meaning they keep your secrets, and you keep theirs. As part of the e-commerce app development process, you also get design services to shape the user interface and user experience.


  • Thorough and detailed process
  • Created apps for big-name brands already
  • Lots of experience


  • Very high minimum project cost ($100,000)
  • Expensive hourly rate ($100 - $149/hr)
  • May not reuse your existing website code to build an app

8. You Are Launched

If you are an ecommerce startup, You Are Launched might be what you need. They specialize in developing apps for startups. Their custom app development package deal starts at around $15,000, which is quite affordable compared to many other options.

Some ecommerce mobile apps already launched by You Are Launched include Toolsy, Librarius, and many others. If all you have is an idea for an ecommerce store, don’t worry; you can still take advantage of You Are Launched. They provide ideation and guidance in addition to app-building services.

Of course, this also means that You Are Launched may not be the best choice for established brands. If you already have a web presence and want to develop an app, the other choices on this list are probably better.


  • Works with startups and new companies
  • Lower minimum project cost ($15,000)
  • Low hourly rate ($25 - $49/hr)


  • Not ideal for established brands
  • May not reuse your website code to build an app
  • Ecommerce is not their largest focus area

9. TekRevol

TekRevol is an ecommerce mobile app design company with around six years of experience. Despite being relatively new, they have already built apps for some notable brands, including Save & Win, Stock n Ship, and many others.

To build apps, TekRevol uses .NET, HTML, Node JS, Java, PHP, Python, and other languages. They have created business-to-business ecommerce mobile apps as well as business-to-consumer apps.

You can also get an estimate using their online calculator, which is handy in case you’re unsure if you can afford to build an app. TekRevol also has a global presence, with offers in the U.S., Canada, Pakistan, and the U.A.E. 


  • Lower minimum project cost ($25,000)
  • Low hourly rate ($25 - $49/hr)
  • Large development team size for its age


  • Relatively new compared to the more established app builders on this list
  • Not as many high-profile clients
  • May not reuse your existing website code to build an app

10. Surf

Many of the app builders on this list will work out a timeline with you once you request a quote, but Surf offers the option to develop a turnkey app within six months. 

That is especially handy if you’re under a time crunch and need an ecommerce mobile app fast. Brands they have worked for include Burger King, KFC, and many others. 

You can also get a free consultation to find out more, which not every ecommerce mobile app builder offers. Furthermore, they often incorporate creative, out-of-the-box ideas into their mobile apps, so if you have an out-there idea, they will likely be able to implement it. 


  • High profile clients
  • Relatively low minimum project cost ($25,000)
  • Creative with ecommerce app ideas


  • Not as established as some other options on this list
  • May not reuse your existing website code for your app

Ecommerce Mobile App Development Services: The Bottom Line

It is a good idea to build an ecommerce mobile app, but signing up with a mobile app development company may not be the best bet. You will get a working app, but it will be expensive to build and maintain.

The best ecommerce app developers cost hundreds of dollars per hour. Ecommerce app development companies come with similar costs, and generally have minimum project sizes starting from roughly $15,000, and some as high as $100,000 minimum.

This is a minimum cost; and it doesn't include what you'll pay for a regular fee or a retainer if you want them to keep your apps up to date, fix bugs, and support you when you want to make changes.

Do you need all this expense, when your mobile website does 90% of what you want your app to do?

MobiLoud is different. We let you build an app for as little as $350 per month, which will look and feel more or less the same as what you'd get from more expensive app development services.

There's no catch; you still get full service from our team, and it's even easier to manage your apps after launch, as everything is fully synced with your website.

Start Building Your Ecommerce App Today

There's never been a better time to launch your own e-commerce app, and with MobiLoud, you can do it fast and on-budget.

Check out these case studies for examples of other ecommerce companies that used MobiLoud to successfully build apps without a major investment.

If you're ready to learn more, get a free preview of your app, or contact us today to see how MobiLoud can help you build the perfect e-commerce apps, delighting your mobile users and taking your business to a new level.

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