Apple News Is Launching a ‘Good Morning’ Daily Newsletter

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple News is expanding with a new “Good Morning” daily newsletter.
Publishers generally get good traffic from Apple News+, launched earlier this year, but many have been frustrated at the lack of meaningful revenue generated through the platform. 
The Good Morning Emails will feature top news, features and analysis from around the internet in the form headlines and summaries written by Apple’s editorial team – not pulled directly from the articles themselves.
The interesting thing about this – it’s not clear that anybody asked for this and Apple will send it to every News+ subscriber with no opt in.
This is a break from the past, when users had the opportunity to sign up for email notifications about big features.
Why this move?
Perhaps it’s related to the fact that Apple News+ has seriously struggled to add subscribers since March.
Is the ‘Good Morning’ compulsory newsletter just a veiled ad for the service?