How to Build a Quotes Mobile App

Do you have an idea for a quotes app?

People love reading great quotes throughout their day to give them a little food for thought and inspiration.

What better way to get great quotes than through a dedicated app, which provides a much better user experience than searching Google and navigating through mobile browsers.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular quotes apps

Daily Motivational Quotes app

daily motivation quotes app

This app features thousands of quotes from both famous and lesser-known figures.

Users can get a daily quote at a time of their choosing, and have the ability to like share any quotes they particularly like on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They can also favourite the best quotes to come back to later.

Daily Motivation Quotes also has an audio feature that helps users to meditate and a bright and pleasing design.

Brainy Quote

brainy quote app

Brainy Quote is a very popular quote website, and they made the smart choice to build an app too.

With a huge library of over half a million quotes to choose from, users can create and share their own quote images and wallpapers by blending them with Brainy Quote’s library of high-resolution stock photos.

As the sheer number of quotes can be overwhelming, the developers have broken them down into 90 categories and around 1000 different authors.

Users can get inspired by daily quote notifications, and seem to love the app looking at the reviews.

review app


Fitquote is a quotes app with a different twist, giving inspiration to those on a fitness or weight loss journey.

Fitquote is a quotes app with a different twist, giving inspiration to those on a fitness or weight loss journey.

Like the previous two, Fitquote notifies users with daily quotes to boost their motivation, but it also allows them to set reminders so they don’t forget a workout!

Fitquote also allows you to create images of your favorite quotes on a custom background, and save them for the next training session.

Users seem to enjoy it too.

app reviews for motivational quotes

Quotes App Best Practices

Here are some ideas for your own quotes app!

Make the design great

Your users want to get inspired and motivated. This is hard to achieve with a drab or ugly looking app. Make sure you think hard about the color scheme and the images you’ll use to make it a great experience for them.

Use push notifications well

You’ll notice a lot of the quote apps above have a ‘daily quote’ feature. Why?

"People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” -Zig Ziglar

Giving people a daily boost of encouragement with your great quotes is important for them, and also benefits you as it builds a habit around your app and maximizes the time they spend in it.

Push notifications are a major benefit of developing native apps, as you can reach your users any time you want.

Give users the ability to Share

The first two apps above allow users to share their favorite quotes with friends over social media platforms.

This is valuable to them, and helps you too as it will encourage those in their network to check your app out.

How to Build a Quotes App

There are always a few options available for building native apps.

The first is the traditional way of hiring an app development agency. This can create impressive projects, but can be very expensive and time-consuming.

Custom apps cost tens of thousands of dollars and take months to build, so unless you have serious cash and time to burn there might be a better option.

Various DIY app builders also exist. They are far cheaper but often very fiddly, and give a lacklustre result. This can be a fun project, but there’s a better option still.


If you already have a quotes website built on, MobiLoud is the best option for you.

We take your existing site and convert it into feature-rich and elegant native apps for iOS and Android. The whole process only takes a few weeks, and costs a fraction of traditional development.

Even if you don't have a pre-existing quotes site to convert MobiLoud is still the best option. You can simply build it as a site or web app, using whatever platforms you like, and then we will make it into great native apps for you. This is a great option, as you'll get "2 for 1" in terms of effort and give your users access through any channel!

You can make use of all the features you can with custom apps but without the long wait and huge price tags, and you’ll have a better performing, more powerful app than you would if you went the DIY route.

Check out our features or some examples of other successful apps we’ve published.

better still, get in touch with one of our team of app experts today for a chat about how we can work together on your vision.

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