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Convert an Umbraco site to a native mobile app

In this article we're going to tell you exactly how to convert an Umbraco site into a native mobile app, but first let's give a little background.

Umbraco is a free, open-source content management system built on Microsoft’s .NET framework. As one of the most deployed content management systems in the Microsoft stack, Umbraco powers over half a million websites for startups, publishers and global brands like Heinz, Vogue, Carlsberg and Sony.

It’s easy to learn and use, and comes with all the functionality needed for a modern site or web app. The platform is stable and proven, so it’s a favorite among many developers and designers.

What if you’ve already built a site or web app with Umbraco, seen some great results, and are looking for avenues to expand? We suggest improving your mobile strategy. What’s the best way to do that?

Should you build an Umbraco mobile app?

Building a native mobile app is a great way to increase traffic, retention and engagement. It will give your users access to your brand in the format they really want, evidenced by the fact that consumers spend seven hours in apps for every one hour in a mobile browser.

They also offer you, as a business owner, a much more effective channel to reach your customers thanks to push notifications - that can be sent out automatically or manually as needed.

What's the best way to build the app?

There are a few different options. If you want to build it yourself you’ll need to be fairly comfortable with APIs and have some development skill. Check out this video for more information about this route.

Convert an Umbraco site to a native mobile app

Another more convenient option is to use MobiLoud. We take your existing site or web app and convert it into an app. All the hard work is taken care of, from initial design to publishing (which will happen in just a few days!).

Our platform does all the heavy lifting and gets you iOS and Android apps live to the App Stores painlessly. The apps will automatically update to reflect changes on your site, you can send unlimited push notifications out to users, and our team of app experts will take care of all the technicalities from submission to ongoing updates and maintenance.If it works well on mobile right now - it’ll work great as an app.

We can make any customizations you need, and get your Umbraco efforts onto the App Stores quickly and with minimal hassle.Get in touch with one of our experts today. We'll explain all the details and get to work building you some great apps.

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