Build a Travel Guide Mobile App

Before the global Covid-19 crisis, the travel industry had been growing above global GDP for 9 years straight. It will come back – people will always want to explore new places and get a change of scenery!

In the wake of this growth, countless digital tools, websites, and startups have emerged to help people plan and take their trips. 

Not many people take their laptops away on holiday with them – but they all take their smartphones! People also spend most of their internet time through mobile, so that’s where they’ll be when they’re planning and researching their trip.

Consider this:

  • 77% of travelers use mobile apps to book and pay for flights
  • 65% of tourists are open to using chat platforms to plan or book trips
  • 80% of tourists use apps to research their upcoming trips

Mobile travel trends 2018

Travel guide mobile apps are clearly a key opportunity here!

In this article, we’re going to look at two successful travel guide apps, discuss some best practices, then finish off with how you can build your own. 

Let’s start with some good examples. 



Based on a very popular travel guide site, the Tripwolf app gives users more than 600 travel guides in several languages, along with premium tips and photos from Fodor’s Travel and Marco Polo.

Trip wolf also has a lot of useful map integrations that help users with navigating on bike or foot, as well as the best local attractions and sightseeing spots. 

The app has handy phrasebooks in 18 languages and lets users directly book flights, accommodation, and tours.

The app has certainly been a success, with more than 10 million downloads and generally positive reviews.

tripwolf reviews

Culture Trip

culture trip app

Culture Trip is an online travel publication for “curious travellers”.

The site was started in 2011, then had a rapid period of growth – going from 132,641 monthly users in 2014 to 12.5 million in 2018.

It’s a really interesting publication that capitalized on several important societal changes and technological developments at just the right time to succeed wildly.

They also have great apps on iOS and Android.

app of the day US

The apps give recommendations and guides for every country in the world, show users attractions and restaurants nearby, and allow them to bookmark posts they want to return to.

They also feature unique perspectives curated and written by locals, and allow users to share stories on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

All in all, it’s a great app, and users think so too.

culture trip app reviews

How to Build a Travel Guide App

Do you have an idea for a travel guide app?

If you want to build one, you should make sure you get a few things right.


People love to see rich pictures and images when thinking about their travels. They want to really imagine themselves in various exciting destinations, so help them to do so. Make sure your app supports photo galleries and if possible video content too.

Great Content Navigation

Travel guides have centred around written content for a long time. Make sure your app provides easy navigation through different topics and a convenient scroll through your articles and guides.

Location-based Services

Unless your app is just about one neighbourhood, users will be spread about in different places. So to give them the most relevant recommendations and content it’s helpful to know where they are. Make sure your app supports location services!

Social Sharing

Most travellers love to share things they’ve done and places they’ve been with fellow travellers, friends, and family! Make this easy for them by integrating social sharing into your app. 

Offline Viewing

Sometimes it’s tricky to get internet in a foreign country, not to mention on a plane or the underground. Make things easier for your users by supporting offline viewing and allowing them to download their favourite content to their devices.

How to Build your Travel Guide App

Getting an app built used to be a huge project. Unless you’re a highly skilled app developer, you need to either hire people who are or contract an agency.

This can produce a great app, the problem is that this route will:

  • Cost you tens of thousands of dollars
  • Take many months
  • Be a managerial headache

There’s an easier way though.

What is it?

Build your travel guide as a WordPress site then use MobiLoud to convert it into native apps for iOS and Android.

If you build the guide on WordPress then convert it to an app, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

You have two destinations for your readers to enjoy your travel content instead of one. The app will end up much higher quality than if you used a DIY builder, and far more affordable for you than if you hired someone to build it from scratch.

WordPress makes building great sites simple, and you have thousands of plugins to choose from for functionality. All your plugins will work just the same in the app as they do on your site!

Check out our features.

Let’s say you already built your travel guide as a WordPress site – in that case it’s even easier!

We’ll simply take your existing site and build the apps off that. Your content will all be automatically dropped into the apps, and they’ll update automatically with anything new you put out.

We give you everything you need to build a high-quality travel guide app from your WordPress site, and we get the job done in a matter of weeks and at a fraction of the cost of traditional app development.

Get in touch with one of our app experts today and find out how we can get you a great travel guide app published in a couple of weeks.