Use Tidio's customer support, automation, and chatbot features in your mobile apps

If you use it, you know how useful it is. So can you use it in native mobile apps?

Can you use Tidio in native ecommerce apps? 

Tidio is built for the web, and there’s no simple, traditional way to integrate it with iOS and Android apps. 

There is a way though - MobiLoud

Use Tidio in MobiLoud Apps

MobiLoud is an app builder for ecommerce. 

We take your existing web store, then we convert it into high-end shopping apps to delight your customers and boost your bottom line. 

When it comes to Tidio, you can use its features in your new MobiLoud apps straight away, right out of the box. 

By using Tidio’s features in your MobiLoud apps, you can:

  • Provide great in-app customer support with real-time chat and personalized assistance, boosting satisfaction
  • Boost in-app engagement and conversions by providing interactive communication directly within the app.
  • Integrate the app into a unified, streamlined workflows for marketing and customer support

All this will work automatically. You just keep using Tidio as usual, like you do for your Mobile site, and it will start working right away in the apps. 

Integrate Tidio and everything else 

With MobiLoud you can reuse everything from your site in high-end ecommerce apps for iOS and Android. 

MobiLoud combines the best of web and native app tech, building you functional native apps that serve content from your web store via webview. 

Every part of your existing tech stack will work in the apps. That’s all your tools, plugins, payment gateway, cart, custom features - everything. 

There’s nothing to rebuild, and nothing new to manage. You get apps just as unique as your site - for a fraction of the usual expense and effort. 

You can get started free, with zero risk. 

Speak to one of our app experts today and let’s get you on the app stores. 

Note: when we say “integration”, this doesn’t necessarily imply we built this specifically. It means that, functionally, you can integrate this tool by using it in-app just like you do on the web.

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