Use Loyaltylion's customer loyalty and engagement features in your mobile apps

LoyaltyLion is a customer loyalty and engagement platform that helps ecommerce merchants increase CLTV, drive cost-effective acquisition and boost revenue from existing customers.

It’s a great platform for driving up key metrics. 

So, can you use it for eCommerce mobile apps?

Using LoyaltyLion in Native eCommerce Apps

Not traditionally, LoyaltyLion is a platform for the web. Native apps for iOS and Android run in a completely different way without much overlap. 

But there’s an exception. 

With MobiLoud, we combine the best from the web and native mobile apps.  

but with MobiLoud integrating LoyaltyLion is smooth, simple, and gives a highly effective result.  

Integrate LoyaltyLion with MobiLoud

MobiLoud builds high-end iOS and Android apps that mirror your existing web store. However you use LoyaltyLion now on the web, no matter your configuration or setup, we'll recreate that in your native apps. 

This is possible because MobiLoud apps are your web store, repurposed in a high-end native app UX. 

Our model is proven with thousands of customers, including billion dollar eCommerce brands. It works, and results in eCommerce apps that blend the best of the web with the best of native tech. 

LoyaltyLion will be a key feature of your apps, you can use its full feature set through them - just as you do for the web. 

You effectively get double the value from the platform, using it to drive loyalty and sales through a whole new channel. 

MobiLoud eCommerce Apps - integrate LoyaltyLion and So Much More

MobiLoud apps are built by an expert team of app developers, using processes, tools, and infrastructure we've built over 5+ years and thousands of iOS and Android apps.

We’re the best eCommerce app builder for taking everything from your site and convert that directly to iOS and Android apps. 

You keep everything that works. That means LoyaltyLion, and everything else, including any:

  • Workflows
  • Custom functionalities
  • Third party tools
  • Payment gateways
  • Carts
  • Marketing tools

That you use right now on the web….

Curious to learn more? 

Our team of app experts are waiting to answer all your questions. You can get started today, free, with zero risk. 

Note: when we say “integration”, this doesn’t necessarily imply we built this specifically. It means that, functionally, you can integrate this tool by using it in-app just like you do on the web.

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