Use Fondue's cash back incentive features in your mobile apps

Fondue replaces discount codes with cash back incentives, helping you to boost sales and AOV on your eCommerce store.

This is a proven way to make more money. 

So, can you use it in eCommerce mobile apps? 

Using Fondue in Native eCommerce Apps

Traditionally, no. 

Fondue is a platform for the web specifically designed for Shopify stores. Native apps run on very different technologies. 

There’s a powerful workaround with MobiLoud though. 

Use Fondue in your Apps with MobiLoud

With MobiLoud, you can reuse Fondue in high-end iOS and Android apps - straight out of the box. 

It’s possible because MobiLoud blends the web with native app tech. The interface and many of the core features are fully native - but the content itself is pulled from your web server. 

From the customer’s perspective they’re interacting with fully native apps, but from yours everything is 100x more streamlined and efficient. 

There’s no need to rebuild anything, and no need to disrupt or reorganize your existing workflows. 

Just use what you already built for the web, leveraging it through an entirely new channel. 

However you have Fondue set up right now, we translate that directly into the apps. You can keep using your exact same promotions, giftcards, and other features without adding any extra complexity. 

You can also create app specific promotions. 

MobiLoud eCommerce Apps - reuse Fondue and So Much More

MobiLoud apps are simple to maintain, and add very little extra work for your team. 

But, they’re powerful enough to transform your business - and have worked amazingly well for thousands of businesses from small startups to multibillion dollar multinationals. 

Our team handles everything for you, from initial app design, to publishing on the App Store and Google Play, all the way to ongoing updates and maintenance. 

It’s the best way to reuse all your existing tools and tech stack. 

That goes for Fondue and everything else. 

Your cart, payment gateway, third-party apps, and custom functionalities will all work flawlessly, straight out of the box. 

Our app experts are ready to answer all your questions. Let’s get your brand on the app stores. 

Note: when we say “integration”, this doesn’t necessarily imply we built this specifically. It means that, functionally, you can integrate this tool by using it in-app just like you do on the web.

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