works out of the box with MobiLoud. Contact our team if you need any help with setting up your app.
Contact our team if you need any help with setting up your app.

MobiLoud integrates with Bazaarvoice.

MobiLoud makes mobile apps work with Bazaarvoice with no integration needed.

Use Bazaarvoice's ratings, reviews, and Q&A features in your mobile apps. It works with MobiLoud without any complex integrations needed. That's the beauty of our approach to mobile app development: your entire tech stack, all tools, apps and plugins on your site work out of the box in your mobile app.
works out of the box with MobiLoud. Contact our team if you need any help with setting up your app.

Bazaarvoice specializes in collecting and publishing authentic user-generated content.

There’s nothing like social proof to drive up sales, and Bazaarvoice helps you to leverage this to boost customer confidence and increase sales with:

  • User-generated content curation and display
  • Review and Q&A management
  • Insights and analytics on customer feedback

So, if it works so well for the web, can you use it in native apps for iOS and Android? 

Yes - let’s see how. 

Using Bazaarvoice in Native ecommerce Apps

Bazaarvoice is primarily a platform for the web, but they do have mobile SDKs for iOS and Android that developers can use to integrate it into mobile apps. 

This assumes though that you have native apps already, and skilled developers on your payroll to make it happen. 

If you don’t, this route can be impractical. Building native apps from scratch costs hundreds of thousands and requires a talented team to build and maintain. 

There’s a much more efficient and affordable method, which is better for all eCommerce brands who don’t have apps already - MobiLoud

Use Bazaarvoice in MobiLoud ecommerce Apps 

MobiLoud is an app builder for ecommerce brands, which converts your existing web store to high-end shopping apps for iOS and Android. 

With MobiLoud, you can go live in just weeks, for <10% of the traditional cost, and you can reuse Bazaarvoice fully. 

Bazaarvoice will function in your MobiLoud apps just as it does right now on the web. 

You’ll be able to use Bazaarvoice in your apps to:

  • Use UGC like reviews and ratings for in-app product pages to build trust and encourage purchases
  • Allow customers to ask questions and get answers directly within the app
  • Gather insights on customer feedback trends, helping to refine product offerings and marketing strategies

And more!

However you currently use the platform for the web, it’ll work exactly the same in the apps. 

MobiLoud eCommerce Apps - integrate Bazaarvoice and So Much More

MobiLoud actually lets you reuse everything from your website in the apps.

This is possible because we use webviews, serving pages from your site inside custom-built native wrapper. 

This gives you, and your customers, the best of both worlds. 

Your customers will get a much better mobile shopping experience. 

You get all the benefits of native apps for a fraction of the usual cost and without needing to add much to your existing workflows. 

Whatever you currently use for your site - payment gateways, plugins, custom features - it will all translate perfectly to the apps. 

Got questions? 

Our team is ready to answer them all. You can get started free, with zero risk

Let’s get you on the App Stores. 

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