I’m an agency, can I introduce a client?

Yes! If you’re an agency, developer or anyone interested in referring a customer, we’ll love to help your customer build their app.

We pay out a simple one-time referral commission of $1,000 for every customer you refer.

A customer is anyone who signs up for a custom app with us and doesn’t take a refund within 60 days from purchase.

There’s no risk in making a referral, if for any reason things don’t work out, they have 60 days to use our money back guarantee.

Simply introduce your client to Pietro Saccomani at MobiLoud [email protected]

Here’s a sample intro email:

Hi there,

I wanted to connect you with Pietro Saccomani over at MobiLoud.com. He has a great service that turns your site into custom native mobile apps. They do all the work for you, from setting up to publishing your app.

They have a money back guarantee so even if it doesn’t work for you, there’s no risk.

You two can take it from here and I hope this intro proves worthwhile!

thank you,

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