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WordPress Mobile App Plugin

The MobiLoud WordPress mobile app plugin provides an interface for configuring your mobile app and makes it possible for your app to retrieve content from your site.The plugin has a number of tabs offering access to a range of settings to customize how your mobile app works.

Key features

  1. Customize all menus in your app, including header navigation, hamburger menu and tab menu
  2. Update the branding such as logo and colors
  3. Change text used throughout the interface for logins & in-app purchase subscriptions
  4. Configure advertising units for Admob, Facebook or Google DFP
  5. Access the Code editor for further customization
  6. Configure settings for automatic push notifications
  7. Send push notifications manually


The Design tab

The Design tab will allow you to upload and update the logo displayed on the top navigation of your app. You can also adjust the navigation bar color, which affects both the navigation bar and top tab bar navigation, which can be used for categories, pages or tags.The Menu tab, to control all app menusThe Settings tab, to change settings affecting lists and article screenThe Advertising tab, to configure advertising integrationsThe Subscriptions tab, to adjust settings related to in-app purchase subscriptionsThe Analytics tab,The Editor tabThe Push tabThe Login tab

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