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Why do I have to pay monthly or annually?

In short, two reasons why you pay a recurring fee:

  • To pay for the license that gives you access to our platform
  • To get our support and maintenance service for required updates and improvements that make sure your app works as it should on the latest iOS and Android versions and latest devices.

If you were to go out to an agency or hire developers and get your app built from scratch, you'd own the IP in the product, but you'd spend at least 20x what MobiLoud charges.You also wouldn't get something as deeply integrated with your website, synced with new content, something you can manage and update from your website's dashboard.And you'd quickly find out, you have to continuously maintain this product over time, at a rate of thousands a month if you employ someone or work with a freelance developer.

App development doesn't stop with a first version

Apple and Google release new OS versions every year, new iPhones come on the market, new screen sizes, etc. This means your app has to routinely catch up with these changes to make sure it's stable and works as expected.You see this in every app you have installed: they are frequently updated with new versions and that's needed not just for improvements, but also for stability (avoiding crashes), security reasons and legal compliance (e.g. new privacy laws).Everything around your app changes all the time, Apple and Google change their platforms and SDKs. The libraries and services that are integrated into your app also get frequent updates e.g. the library used for analytics, crash logging or push notifications.When you work with MobiLoud you get to benefit from a platform 7 years in development - which saves you a ton of time and money - and from all the improvements we bring to it as time goes.As its typical of every SaaS solution, you get a license to use our platform and that license needs to be renewed yearly or monthly.When you work with us, you don't have to worry about maintaining the app, as that's included. The annual or monthly fees you pay include all the updates required for your app to run smoothly and crash free and any updates you might need if things change on your end and the app needs an update e.g. a logo change.

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