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Using subscriptions on MobiLoud News

Before implementing any of the monetization methods described in this guide we'd recommend reading our article on Why You Don’t Need In-app Purchase In Your Mobile App.

Also, keep in mind that you will need to sign-up for our paid add-ons in order to use in-app purchases and login options in your app.

MobiLoud News offers a few different ways for you to set up subscriptions in your app, and there are two types of subscriptions available:

In-app Purchases

When using in-app purchases you will be integrating your app with Apple's and Google's native payment frameworks, allowing your users to sign-up for a recurring subscription in your app.

The payment flow will be as smooth as it can be and the user will then get access to the paid content right away.

Keep in mind that in-app purchases will only integrate with your app, meaning that users who signed up for a subscription will not receive any sort of credentials to use on your website.


Website subscriptions, as the name suggests, are handled directly on your website, not in the app.

In this case, the user will be presented with a link inside the app and will be taken to your website, outside of the app, when that link is clicked. You will then be responsible for providing him with the registration or subscription interface.

After signing up he can then use the login credentials generated on your website to log in to the app.

Which subscription type is ideal for me?

It depends on several factors, you will need to discuss this with MobiLoud's team to determine what the best approach for your app is.

Below you can find a quick overview of all the available setups and how they work.

Subscriptions on start

The first and most common solution for adding subscriptions to an app is to lock your app so that only subscribed or logged-in users can access the content.

In this setup, the user will be presented with a screen containing buttons that will either trigger the in-app purchase payment flow or send the user to your website outside of the app.

You can also include a link to trigger the login page for those users that have previously purchased an account on your website.

Here you can see an example of what that screen looks like:

Content paywall

Users will be able to access all areas of the app with this setup, but once they access a specific post or category that should only be available to subscribed users they will see a paywall.

The paywall will prevent the user from reading through the content of the selected post and will provide the user with a button to start the in-app purchase payment flow or take the user to your website where he can register for an account.

Here you can see an example:

Remove ads

If you display ads in your app you might want to offer your users a way to remove them, so they can have an ad-free experience.

You can use in-app purchases for this so that users will be able to sign-up for a recurring subscription in order to remove the ads from their app.

To promote this functionality we can incorporate a button within the content of your articles, and when that button is clicked it will start the in-app purchase payment flow.

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