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Setting up Onesignal to send notifications to specific users

Your app will let users pick different interests based on the selection you decided to make available in the Interests screen.When a user switches a notification category on, they'll be tagged in Onesignal with the id of the tag and a value based on their selection (on or off).Using Onesignal's Segmentation feature, you can create groups of users to target them with specific notifications, based on their choices in the app and so based on their tags.The OneSignal dashboard does not allow tags to be targeted directly. They first need to be attached to Segments. In order for you to create a new tag and send a push to users who have that tag value set to “on”, you needs to follow these steps:Step 1:Create a SegmentStep 2: Attach one or more tags to that segment.

  • The value of the tags should always be either “on” or “off” (you'll likely want to use “on”, as you won’t want to send a push to a Segment with a tag set to “off”)
  • It is recommended to set one tag per ONE Segment to offer more “granular” access to tags, but nothing prevents you from creating a Segment that includes different tags, to group them together in a group of users you'll want to target together.

Step 4: When creating a new push, you will need to manually add the segment (or segments) to the push so the push will be sent to only those users.

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