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Do I need a privacy policy for my app?

Yes, you do! Your app will collect some user information for its analytics and mobile advertising features and this implies you must have a privacy policy visible in the App Store or Google Play profile of your app and accessible within the app itself. Your app won't be published or approved without a valid privacy policy.

To comply, proceed as follows:

  1. If you don't have a Privacy Policy yet, you should create one. You can use a lawyer create a policy with a tool like Iubenda ($25/year - they host it and update it for you - you get a discount from this link and we get a small commission) or Termsfeed (variable one off cost) - note your app uses the following SDKs and services: Google Firebase, Push Notifications (Onesignal), Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Facebook Audience Network Google Admob, Google Ad Manager (analytics and advertising SDKs will be active when you use their services). It also requests some information from the device to be able to deliver push notifications, so if you're using Iubenda you should add the service named "Device permissions for Personal Data access".
  2. Add a Privacy Policy link to your app's menu. Through the Menu configuration tab in the MobiLoud plugin configuration, add the Privacy policy URL to the app's menu.
  3. Add your Privacy Policy to your app's store listings on Google Play and App Store, following the directions below.

Add your policy to your Google Play listing

  1. Log into your Google Play Developer Console
  2. Next, select All Applications and select the application whose privacy policy you'd like to edit.
  3. After that, select Store Listing.
  4. Then, scroll to the section marked Privacy Policy and enter the URL where you have the privacy policy hosted online.
  5. Lastly, be sure to click Save or update.

Follow these steps to add your Privacy Policy to your App Store listing

  1. Open iTunes Connect
  2. Go to the app list and find your app
  3. Edit the “Privacy Policy URL” field, shown next to the app's name
  4. Click Save

Note: if your app is hosted on our accounts, then send us a link to your policy at

Thank you! We'll be in touch within 48 hours :)
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