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How to use App Pages

Most apps will be required to display some important details to users, such as Privacy Policy, Terms of Agreement, and Contact forms, as per the guidelines from Apple and Google.

Those details can be added to your app in the form of pages, but instead of using the pages you already have on your website, which are cluttered with information and elements that are only relevant to mobile and desktop users, you will want to use the App Pages feature.

App Pages will allow you to create pages that are fast to load and match your app design, without displaying them on your website. You can then use those pages across different areas of your app.

We have included a few App Pages for you by default, but you can follow the instructions below to edit those pages or create new ones.

1 - Go to "MobiLoud" and then "App Pages":

2 - Select the App Page that you would like to edit

3 - You can now edit the content of your App Page using the default WordPress editor

4 - When editing your menus you will be able to select your App Page and add it just like any other link

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