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Enabling caching for my app

The Importance of Caching

Caching is a really nice way to speed up your website as it can drastically reduce the loading speed of your website. There are several plugins out there that you can use on your WordPress website to help with the cache configuration, click here to see some examples.Our MobiLoud News plugin also helps with caching the content of your app and its loading speed, more details can be found below.

What does the MobiLoud News plugin caching feature do?

Our internal caching will save some of the objects from the content feed in WordPress elements known as transients, reducing the number of requests to the database. You can activate it but make sure to test the app well and keep an eye on it to make sure it's updating with the latest content.

What does cache expiration do?

Cache duration will set the app own data feed to expire after the duration you set, so that any server-side caching you use is forced to request a fresh copy

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