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Does it support RTL?

Yes, the app offers full support for RTL languages, you just need to make sure that the following setting is enabled under the MobiLoud News plugin, as in the image below:

The app will then be displayed in RTL mode on devices that are using Hebrew or Arabic as the system language.

Can I use a different font?

You can customize the article content including the font used in our Custom CSS tool, located under the "Editor" section of the MobiLoud News plugin. The font used in the article list, cannot be modified.

The app is not RTL in my preview, why?

Since the preview tool uses a virtual device to generate your app, we don't have control over the device's selected language, which must be in Hebrew or Arabic in order for the RTL feature to work as expected. Your final app, though, can be configured to work in RTL for all languages, just make sure to request that in your submission form.

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