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App rejected because it violates Google's impersonation policy

Google has recently started to reject, with a higher frequency, apps that are submitted under third-party accounts without providing any documentation proving that you have the necessary permissions to use the intellectual property in your app or store listing (e.g. Brand names and logos, graphic assets, audio).If your app has been rejected for that reason, here are the steps that should be taken in order to resolve the problem:

  1. Download our Intellectual Property Authorization template, clicking here
  2. Replace all the strings between brackets with your account information. Where [Content Owner] is the person or company that owns the intellectual property being used in your app, [Name on Account] is the developer name assigned to your Google account, and [App Name] is the name of your app
  3. Access and use their free trial to sign the document you just modified
  4. With the signed .pdf document in hands, proceed with submitting it to Google by clicking here, so they can review the information and provide more details on how to proceed with resubmitting your app to the Play Store.
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