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Account deletion requirement from Apple

On October 6th of 2021, Apple announced that it will now require apps that allow users to create accounts, to also offer a way for them to request the deletion of their accounts.

You can find the specific guideline by clicking here.

Fortunately, this is not as complicated as Apple makes it look. In order to comply with this new guideline all, you need to do is include a link in your app, which should take the user to a page that provides more details on how he can delete his account.

An automated feature where the user can simply click a button to delete his account sounds great and will certainly make your app compliant with this new guideline, if you are a WordPress user you can find several plugins that will provide you with such functionality, here are some examples:

Not a fan of using plugins? You can also create your own account deletion feature, you can find a nice guide for that by clicking here.

What happens if you are not using WordPress or if you just don't want to spend the time developing a feature like this? There are easier alternatives. You can create a simple page that displays a form where the user can request his account to be deleted and this will make your app compliant, just make sure to include a nice explanation of how the deletion process works.

Remember to make sure that your link is visible and that the user experience on your app is optimal, this will ensure a quick approval of your app.

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