Convert your BuddyPress website into a native mobile app with MobiLoud

Grow your user base, increase activity, and engage your users with a native mobile app for iOS and Android, built for you by MobiLoud

Done For You

Our team will build your native mobile app, test it, publish it and maintain it for you on both iOS and Android.

All BuddyPress Features

Don’t lose any of your BuddyPress website’s social networking functionality. Your apps will replicate your current website, optimized for mobile app usage.

Grow Your User Base

Engage and grow your active users with a mobile app, with push notifications for every type of user activity on your website.

Social Networking & Mobile Apps

There are more advantages to having an app for your social network than simply being in the App Store. Mobile apps are a powerful user engagement tool that provide value for both your website, and your users.

  • 60% of social media time is spent within mobile apps
  • 83% of people say that having a seamless cross-device experience is very important to them
  • 65% of app users regularly open Push Notifications if they perceive them as useful

How does it work?

MobiLoud is the easiest way for you to convert your BuddyPress website into a native mobile app.

Step 1: Our team of experienced developers will convert your existing BuddyPress social network into a fully native mobile app for you. You can tweak every setting you want using our tools.

Step 2: You can see a preview of the final app before publishing to make sure that your BuddyPress website's mobile app matches your expectations.

Step 3: As soon as your app is published, your users will be able to login and start successfully using your app from their mobile devices, wherever they are in the world!

No need to worry about maintenance - our team will take care of this, and all necessary updates for you.

All of your website features immediately available

With MobiLoud Canvas, all of your BuddyPress features will work straight out of the box - no templates or themes to fiddle with!

Other app builders will provide you with app code that you still need to tweak and optimize if you want to have your full website functionality.

Great plugin for converting any WordPress site into an app. Great support as well. I highly recommend it.

Hovsep Seraydarian, Founder, Digilite Web Solutions

BuddyPress Native App

Built and maintained for you

Don’t worry about technical issues or maintenance. Our team will make sure that your app is always up-to-date with the latest app store and device requirements

You don't need any prior coding knowledge to have your app created by MobiLoud!

Updates automatically with your site

Having a mobile app doesn't mean you need to spend hours maintaining it every week. Your app will be synchronized in real-time with your website. As soon as new activity happens on your website, it’ll update within your app, and vice versa.

MobiLoud created an attractive app which synchronised our website content and features perfectly. Their team responded promptly to our needs and ideas, bringing our app to life in record time. We would highly recommend MobiLoud to all news sites needing a native app.

Art Cuddy, Head of Web Development, DMG Media Ireland

Create engagement with push notifications

Send custom push notifications to all users, and send BuddyPress notifications to notify app users of new website activity; including comments, new friend activity, group activity, and more. You can send notifications automatically and broadcast messages to all users.

Now that you’ve won a place on your users' device, it's important you get to keep it. With MobiLoud both you and your users have full control over what notifications they receive, so you can limit push to timely updates that your users will value.

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Here's what you get with MobiLoud

All the features below, on every plan.

BuddyPress Notifications

Send custom notifications for every type of activity including mentions, friend activity, and more.

Login Support

Let your BuddyPress users seamlessly login and stay connected, wherever they are!

Push Preferences

Offer control and transparency over what notifications your users receive.

Custom App Icon

Keep your BuddyPress social network in your users’ mind with your branding on their mobile devices.

Content Synchronization

Your app content updates automatically when your website does to save you having to.

Mobile Advertising

Add native mobile ads using Mopub, Admob or Google DFP to monetize your BuddyPress site.

Native Menu & Transitions

Native app menu bar and native transitions will provide a high quality mobile user experience.

Completely Whitelabel

A completely whitelabel app, only showing your website’s branding. We won’t add any MobiLoud branding to your app.

All Website Features

All of your website features work straight out of the box - no templates or themes to fiddle with!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to have my app created and published?

Your fully-functional mobile app will be ready within days, and then it’s just a matter of waiting for App Store approval. We guarantee your app will be approved on the App Stores. If for any reason your app isn’t approved, we’ll completely refund you.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes - We guarantee that your app will be approved on all app stores, or we’ll completely refund you!

Do I need to know any coding to use it?

No, there's absolutely no need for you to write even a line of code or know how to publish an app. Our expert team will take care of all the hard work required to publish your app and is available for small customizations.

Will my mobile app use the same template as my BuddyPress website?

Yes! Your native app will look exactly like your website already does, with the addition of native navigation elements to improve the usability of your web application when used as a native app.

How long will it take to publish my app?

From your order to submitting the apps we take generally around 5 business days. Note Apple then takes another 5 business days to approve your app for the App Store. Publishing on Google Play requires generally about a day for the store to update.

Will the app allow me to send push notifications for all BuddyPress activity?

Yes! You can setup push notifications to be triggered by certain actions on your website (such as Comments, Friend Activity, Group Activity, and more) or you can manually send push notifications with information that will be relevant to your users, such as new updates to your BuddyPress website that may affect them.

Can I use my existing theme?

Yes! Your mobile app will take your existing theme or any BuddyPress mobile theme as the main user interface.

Can I customize my app?

Our team will take care of everything, but you have access to a complete dashboard allowing you to tweak any element of the app at any time, without requiring any app updates for changes to take effect.

Will the pricing increase based on the amount of users my app has?

No, MobiLoud has a simple pricing structure that will not change based on your app’s visitor count or user volume. You can view our pricing plans here, and evaluate which one fits your needs most appropriately. You can schedule a demo to learn more with one of our experts here.

Are maintenance updates included?

Yes, you don't pay anything extra for updates required to fix bugs or make your apps compatible with the latest iOS/Android versions. The content and style of your app will update automatically as you publish new content on your site or change the plugin's configuration. The only updates which are not included in your standard monthly fees are icon and launch screen changes which will require a rebuild of the app.

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