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The 6 Best Flutter Developers in the USA

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It seems like there are millions of mobile app developers out there, all promising the world and clamoring for your business. 

Finding the right one for your project in the sea of freelancers and agencies can seem overwhelming. 

Here at MobiLoud we’ve spent the last decade deep in the mobile app space. In this article we’ve used our experienced eye to create a list of the best Flutter app developers in the US. 

We’ll give you the list first, then we’ll give a few tips to make sure you hire the right one. To wrap up, we’ll present our own platform, MobiLoud, as an alternative to hiring Flutter app developers in general. 

The Top 6 Flutter app Developers

There are a ton of app development agencies out there, globally, that offer Flutter development along with a raft of other services and technologies. 

This is all good, but for our list we focused on companies that have offices in the US, and were at least somewhat Flutter focused as a core competency. 

We chose companies that have a good reputation, and a solid portfolio of case studies and successful projects under their belts. 

If you're interested in learning about Flutter in depth, check out Flutter 101.

Otherwise, here are the companies we ourselves would add to a shortlist to work with. Let’s go through them one by one. 

1: Appsvolt

With headquarters in NYC as well as offices in Dubai, Appsvolt is a well known development partner for a large range of startups, SMBs, and large enterprises. 

They offer a wide range of development services from web to IoT development, but mobile is a particular speciality. 

They have plenty of skilled Flutter devs on hand, which you can hire flexibly for your projects. 

Check out their services and past projects. 

2: TechnBrains

With offices in NYC and Texas, TechnBrains are known as a competent and established development shop.

They use Dart and Flutter as part of a sophisticated tech stack, and offer a comprehensive range of Flutter services including cross-platform mobile and web app development, intuitive app design, robust backend solutions, and thorough testing and maintenance. 

For more detailed information, you can visit their Flutter app development page.

3: Nyoka

Nyoka is completely focused on Flutter, claiming to be the fastest growing Flutter agency in the world.

They are well regarded, offer a wide range of services, and have a range of impressive projects in their portfolio including a crypto wallet app, a mobile app for real estate agents, a music learning app, and many others.

They’re based in California and could be a really good choice for your Flutter project. Check them out.  

4: MindInventory

MindInventory is a very large development agency with thousands of specialists in various technologies handling everything from AI and server development to security and ecommerce platforms. 

They have solid capabilities in Flutter too - with 40+ Flutter specialists on hand and an impressive portfolio of Flutter projects like NFT marketplaces, Will.I.Am’s super app, and many others. 

Check out their Flutter services. 

5: Surf

Surf is another well established app development company specializing in Flutter cross-platform development. They’re highly rated and reviewed on major platforms.  

They’re rated as one of the best Flutter agencies in the US, and have an established presence with offices in New York, Delaware, and other locations. 

They state that they can take on any kind of Flutter project - and that their apps take ~6 months to build and are ~60% cheaper compared to native development. 

Surf has an impressive Flutter portfolio - including a scalable Diabetes management app, a major European banking app, KFC, and many others.   

Check out their services. 

6: Cheesecake Labs

Cheesecake Labs are technically a South American company, but they have a strong US presence in the heart of SF. They’re a large, full shop development agency - but have particularly strong resources when it comes to Flutter. 

Cheesecake has 100+ Flutter specialists on staff, a well defined and tested process. They’re able to take on entire projects, or supplement an existing team.  

With plenty of successful Flutter projects under their belt like food delivery app Swfast and sophisticated iOT app Thaw under their belts, Cheesecake is worth considering for your project. 

You can read more about their Flutter services here

What to Look For in a Flutter App Development Agency

So that’s our top 6 picks for Flutter developers in America. Why only 6, surely there are hundreds of agencies that can build Flutter apps? 

This is true, but we didn’t want to overwhelm you with a long list where you get lost in the noise. These 6 are ones we would personally work with, and can be a good starting point for you. 

You’ll want to look around yourself and do your own research, so we’re going to share a few of our tips for choosing the right Flutter developer. 

There are a few characteristics that every solid Flutter developer should have:

  • Expertise in Flutter and Dart: the agency must have proven experience in Flutter and be skilled in programming in Dart, Flutter’s programming language. Check their portfolio for previous Flutter projects and make sure you ask for case studies and client references - every good agency will be happy to provide them.
  • Cross-Platform expertise: Flutter is popular for its ability to run on multiple platforms from a single codebase. This also comes with nuances and tradeoffs - which should be explained to you in a transparent manner 
  • Strong design skills: Flutter is famous for its rich UI design possibilities, so look for an agency with proven design chops and a history of building slick and user-friendly interfaces 
  • Performance optimization: the performance of Flutter apps is very dependent on how they are built, and the skill of the developers - ask them about their approach and strategies 
  • Strong communication: you’ll be spending a lot of money and time working with them, so make sure they’re very responsive, prompt, and willing to engage in thorough and regular updates throughout the process. 

There are a few actions you need to typically take yourself to make sure you get the most accurate impression of each. 

The first thing is to define your requirements clearly. 

You should have a solid idea of your app’s core purpose, target user, core features - and specific requirements like integrations and compliance. This will help them to speed up the process and move forward productively. 

Good agencies will tend to ask important and insightful questions, and maybe teach you a few things in the process or identify potential issues you hadn’t considered. 

Getting a Proposal 

If you get a good vibe from an agency and want to move to the next stage, ask them to create a proposal. 

A good proposal will quote a price and timeline, and also outline how they intend to solve any unique challenges. 

Quality app development costs money, and although Flutter apps are cheaper and more efficient compared to native development, they’ll typically cost $100k+ and take several months to build. Make sure this aligns with your budget and requirements. 

They should also make it clear whether they support you with the launch, post-launch bug fixes, and ongoing routine updates and maintenance. Agencies typically do this to an extent but it varies. It’s ideal if they offer full support as the apps scale and require maintenance in the future. 

Red Flags

You should do plenty of research and check around on each agency. Good starting points are platforms like G2, Clutch, LinkedIn and good old fashioned Google. It is also a good idea to try to contact past clients and get some first hand feedback on their work. 

There are a few potential red flags to keep an eye out for too. 

The first is costs or timelines that seem too good to be true. No legitimate agency is going to make you high-performance apps for under $10k and in weeks. Only MobiLoud can do that, and we aren’t an agency. 

Vagueness and a lack of detail and depth in the proposal are also bad signs. They should be clear about the scope, timelines and cost. 

A key one is communication. If they are poor communicators and unresponsive before you’ve handed over any money - it is unlikely to improve after!

MobiLoud is better than any Flutter agency - if you already have a website, that is 

If you keep the advice above in mind, you have a better chance of finding the right Flutter developer for you. 

But, do you actually need one? 

Remember that even the most efficient Flutter developers will take several months and bill you tens of thousands to build simple apps. 

At MobiLoud, we build you apps that are just as good, in weeks (not months) and for a fraction of the price. 

This is possible because our approach is very different to Flutter development. 

We do not build apps “from scratch”, but rather convert your existing site to high-end iOS and Android apps.  

If you already have a mobile-friendly web app, online store, or website - you already have everything you need. 

We take that foundation, then using our platform - developed over 5+ years and thousands of apps - to add all native app pieces to ensure a great app UX. 

Your apps will have all the features you need to succeed, like push notifications, native navigation, and much more. They’ll update automatically with your site, and from your user’s perspective will look and feel just like a native app. 

The affordable cost and efficiency of our approach eliminates 90%+ of the risk. You can get to market fast, with great apps, for an extremely low cost compared to other routes. 

Our model is proven over 2000+ apps, for businesses ranging from small startups to large enterprises and multibillion dollar brands. Check out some of their stories. 

You can even preview what your app would look like right now. 

Even better, get in touch with one of our app experts to get all your questions answered. 

Book a demo call today.

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